Teamae palmtrees
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Teamae palmtrees

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A: Mathilde in the Lagoon

摄影师Gregory Panayotou, 距离此处140远

My love & my wife Mathilde, in the lagoon of Moorea

Mathilde in the Lagoon

B: Temae Beach

摄影师Gregory Panayotou, 距离此处150远

Temae Beach

C: Temae - Moorea - French Polynesia

摄影师Gregory Panayotou, 距离此处430远

Temae - Moorea - French Polynesia

D: Sunrise over Sofitel

摄影师Arroz Marisco, 距离此处440远

A supposedly spectacular sunrise thwarted by an unusual cloudy horizon that didn't even let pass a si...

Sunrise over Sofitel

E: Cook's Bay

摄影师Gregory Panayotou, 距离此全景6.0

Cook's Bay

F: Cook's Bay

摄影师Arroz Marisco, 距离此全景6.0

Stopping enoute to pick up some complimentary gifts I stumbled upon this roadside spot opposite super...

Cook's Bay

G: Painapoo Road

摄影师Gregory Panayotou, 距离此全景7.8

Painapoo Road

H: Opunohu - Marae Tetiroa

摄影师Gregory Panayotou, 距离此全景8.5

The marae has a surrounding wall of basalt 40 feet long and 17 meters wide, stone blocks together. Ov...

Opunohu - Marae Tetiroa

I: just Another Moorea Belvedere

摄影师Gregory Panayotou, 距离此全景8.5

just Another Moorea Belvedere

J: Le Belvédère de Moorea

摄影师Gregory Panayotou, 距离此全景8.5

Le Belvédère de Moorea



Moorea is a high island in French Polynesia, part of the Society Islands, 17 km (roughly 9mi) northwest of Tahiti.

Moorea means "yellow lizard" in Tahitian. An older name for the island is Aimeho, sometimes spelled Aimeo or Eimeo (among other spellings misunderstood by early visitors with no knowledge of the language). Early Western colonists and voyagers also referred to Moorea as York Island.