Tequila Streets 3420
These panoramas of the streets of Tequila (in the state of Jalisco, near Guadalajara, Mexico) were shot just before and after sunset on a few mornings in one week in february 2010. The town of Tequila is a charming place, an hour west of the bloated megalopolis of Guadalajara.
Copyright: Jeffrey Martin
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 7200x3600
Taken: 26/03/2010
上传: 07/03/2010
更新: 05/06/2014


Tags: street; streetview; morning; sunrise; cars; people; street corner; jalisco; ruta del tequila
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Jeffrey Martin
Tequila Streets 3411
Jeffrey Martin
Tequila Streets 3429
Jeffrey Martin
Tequila Streets 3402
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Tequila Streets 3438
Jeffrey Martin
Tequila Streets 3393
Jeffrey Martin
Tequila Streets 3384
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Tequila Streets 3447
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Tequila Streets 3375
Jeffrey Martin
Tequila Streets 3366
Jeffrey Martin
In the Gazebo on Tequila main square 1150
Jeffrey Martin
Tequila Streets 3357
Jeffrey Martin
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More About Tequila

Tequila is a fantastic little town located about one hour northwest of Guadalajara. It is in many respects just what you might imagine a Mexican town to be - crumbling colonial church, arched arcades, dusty streets, plenty of cowboys, hot sunshine, and plenty of tequila to drink.