The Hologram of Europe
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The Hologram of Europe

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The Hologram of Europe in Ljubljana consists of 34 stone pillars shaped into four circles with a common centre. A cosmogram is chiselled into each pillar. 27 pillars represent EU member states, 6 represent EU memberstates to be and 1 pillar represents Ljubljana, as the host city. The author of the Hologram was Marko Pogačnik; the Hologram was built in may 2008 during the Slovenian EU presidency.

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A: Main Crossing

摄影师Štefan Grgič, 距离此处60远

Main Crossing

B: Miklosic's Street

摄影师Štefan Grgič, 距离此处290远

Miklosic's Street

C: Knjižnica Otona Župančiča (public library)

摄影师Štefan Grgič, 距离此处350远

Knjižnica Otona Župančiča (public library)

D: Ljubljana Railway Station

摄影师Štefan Grgič, 距离此处350远

Ljubljana Railway Station

E: Crossing - Kolodvorska, Prazakova streets

摄影师Štefan Grgič, 距离此处360远

Crossing - Kolodvorska, Prazakova streets

F: Osvobodilna fronta square

摄影师Štefan Grgič, 距离此处370远

Osvobodilna fronta square

G: Railway Station - rail 1

摄影师Štefan Grgič, 距离此处410远

Railway Station - rail 1

H: Park on Dalmatin's Street

摄影师Štefan Grgič, 距离此处420远

Park on Dalmatin's Street

I: Argentinski park

摄影师Štefan Grgič, 距离此处450远

Argentinski park

J: Ljubljana - Slovenska Cesta - April 2014

摄影师Marijan Marijanovic, 距离此处450远

Ljubljana is the capital and largest city of Slovenia. Located in the middle of a trade route between...

Ljubljana - Slovenska Cesta - April 2014



The cutest of the Balkan countries and also the richest, Slovenia is a tiny wonderful secret. Its capital city, Ljubljana, is not be missed. Go from mountains to sea in the same day.