two surveyors at break
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two surveyors at break

世界 > Europe > Croatia > Istria > Rijeka

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We are located in the city of Rijeka, between the street Bakarska and street Rudolf Tomsic. From this place you cen see in the distance motorway A7 and exit Rijeka centar. We can see residential buildings and two surveyors on a break.

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A: New bridge to School "Ivan Zajc"

摄影师Damir Jevtic, 距离此全景1.5

New bridge over the road for kids going to school Ivan Zajc. Shot by night. Novi most za skolu Ivana ...

New bridge to School "Ivan Zajc"

B: Yugo 45 - inside of an old car

摄影师Damir Jevtic, 距离此全景1.5

Here is a uniqe look at interior of Yugo 45 since they almos totally desapear from our roads. You can...

Yugo 45 - inside of an old car

C: Capuchin Church

摄影师Štefan Grgič, 距离此全景1.9

Capuchin Church

D: The Capuchin church - facade

摄影师Štefan Grgič, 距离此全景2.0

The Capuchin church - facade

E: Rijeka dock

摄影师mantas talmantas, 距离此全景2.2

Spending time at 5 am in Rijeka docks. Eating breakfast - hot borek with salty white cheese. In July ...

Rijeka dock


摄影师Štefan Grgič, 距离此全景2.2


摄影师Štefan Grgič, 距离此全景2.4

H: Rijeka Bunkers

摄影师mantas talmantas, 距离此全景2.4

War time bunkers known as alpine wall (valo alpino) build by Mussolini led Italy. Now tourist tracks ...

Rijeka Bunkers

I: Korzo - Municipality of Rijeka

摄影师Štefan Grgič, 距离此全景2.4

Korzo - Municipality of Rijeka

J: PEEK&POKE Club/Computer museum - Church St. Vitus

摄影师Damir Jevtic, 距离此全景2.4

Pamp is taken in the center of Rijeka (Croatia) and you can see entrance to PEEK&POKE Club/Comput...

PEEK&POKE Club/Computer museum - Church St. Vitus

此全景拍摄于Rijeka, Istria


Istria (Croatian, Slovene: Istra; Italian: Istria; Istriot: Eîstria), formerly Histria (Latin), is the largest peninsula in the Adriatic Sea. The peninsula is located at the head of the Adriatic between the Gulf of Trieste and the Bay of Kvarner. It is shared by three countries: Croatia, Slovenia and Italy.