Unm Zimmerman West
New Mexico
Copyright: Ryan Helinski
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 13998x6999
Taken: 27/09/2009
上传: 27/09/2009
更新: 23/02/2012


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Ryan Helinski
UNM Duck Pond Peninsula
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UNM Duck Pond Bridge
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Unm Duck Pond Waterfall
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University of New Mexico duck pond stream
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Unm Zimmerman Library
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UNM Carlisle Gym
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University Of New Mexico
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UNM Modern Art
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UNM Construction
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UNM Student Health And Counseling (South Side)
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UNM Where Tapy Hall Stood
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Unm Zimmerman West
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UNM Yale Park
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Petroglyph Nat'l Monu.: Between Volcan and Black
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Navajo Lake Juniper Loop Camp Site
More About New Mexico

New Mexico is a state located in the southwestern region of the United States. Inhabited by Native American populations for many centuries, it has also been part of the Imperial Spanish viceroyalty of New Spain, part of Mexico, and a U.S. territory. Among U.S. states, New Mexico has the highest percentage of Hispanics at 45% (2008 estimate), being descendants of Spanish colonists and recent immigrants from Latin America. It also has the third-highest percentage of Native Americans after Alaska and Oklahoma, and the fifth-highest total number of Native Americans after California, Oklahoma, Arizona, and Texas. The tribes represented in the state consist of mostly Navajo and Pueblo peoples. As a result, the demographics and culture of the state are unique for their strong Spanish, Mexican, and Native American cultural influences. At a population density of 16 per square mile, New Mexico is the sixth most sparsely inhabited U.S. state.[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_mexico]