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Eastern Qing Tombs 15-Yuling (mausoleum doors)

Clear Dongling is situated in the Hebei Province Tangshan's Zunhua boundary, the westing Beijing urban district 125 kilometers, it is said is goes hunting Shunzhi to this when designated that the Kangxi 2 years (in 1663) starts to construct. Mausoleum area north and south long 125 kilometer , extends 20 kilometers, four sides goes around a mountain, due south the smoke cooks, the Tientai two mountains to confront, shape eleventh of the twelve Earthly Branches wide only 50 meter mouths, popular name dragon entrance. The Qing Dynasty one after another completes 217 palace decorative archways in this, the composition size 15 cemeteries, various cemeteries take Shunzhi mausoleum as a center, arranges south the prosperous sosan the foothill, by palace wall, prosperous graciousness gate, prosperous graciousness palace, side hall, side construction constitutions and so on city soul-tower and imperial grave mound. Its Chinese side city soul-tower highest constructs for various cemeteries to build the thing, in sets up the stele, on the tablet by the Chinese, full, hoodwinks three kind of languages to carve the tomb owner mi the number; After the soul-tower, is " the imperial grave mound " (big grave mound), its underneath is parks the coffin " the mausoleum chamber ". As soon as from mausoleum area most south tip of's stone memorial arch to the north to the mausoleum imperial grave mound, by a treaty 12 meter width, 6 kilometer long Lian Cheng vividly was mad that the scarlet gate, the big tablet building (Saint Germany god stone tablet recording meritorious deeds building), the stone is along the way lifelike, the Longfeng gate, the seven orifices bridge, the small tablet building ( tablet building), prosperous buildings and so on graciousness gate, prosperous graciousness palace, side city soul-tower are vividly systematic, primary and secondary distinct.

Clear Dongling is one rare " the geomancy " the treasure trove. After north has the prosperous sosan does, depending on like the beautiful screen green jade account, south has Venus Shan Zuochao like to hold wu the dynasty to bow with hands clasped, middle has the shade Pishan to make the writing desk to be possible to depend on may depend on, east has the hawk to fly falls face up the mountain like black dragon plate to lie, west has the Chrysanthemum mountain to resemble white tiger to be majestically located, the thing two river encirclements clamp the class to resemble two jade belts. Hills surrounds the hall bureau vast broad and level, graceful does not compel, really reaches the entire US, the scenery day becomes. When the line encircles year Shunzhi to this area goes hunting, is shocked by this Lingshan Xiu water, passes on the aim immediately " this Shan Wangqi onion Yu Kewei I the long-lived palace ". Henceforth prospered the sosan then to have the scale to be vast, imposing manner broad clear Dongling. the clear Dongling's building broad, is magnificent, is fine. In more than 580 monomer construction composition's huge historic building group, has the Chinese extant surface extravagant widest stone memorial arch, five six column 11 buildings imitate the wood construction to seize day skillfully the labor, China preserve the most complete long more than 6000 meter mausoleum Lord road, along with the appearance of the mountain fluctuation extremely rich art power, Qianlong the Yuling mausoleum chamber fine Buddhism stone carving makes one praise to the heavens, Panchan Lama praises is the stone carving art treasure house which " cannot result in ", Cixi mausoleum three gild the main hall, its luxurious repair whole world is rare, “on the phoenix under the dragon " the stone carving displays of creativity ......

The entire place Dongling constructs two aspects in the wooden construction and the stone both to have the exquisite skill, it may be said that accomplishment of the collection Qing Dynasty palace construction, mausoleum stone lifelike most, altogether reaches 18 pairs, the modelling is simple vigorously; Qianlong's abundant the mausoleum scale is biggest, is most majestic, but Cixi's Putuo valley decides the exquisite construction which Dongling is second to none. At present, in the clear Dongling 15 cemeteries, after only opened Yuling and east, Western Pacific, the mausoleum and the fragrant imperial concubine grave and so on visits in all directions for the tourist. clear Dongling by her indisputable charm, by her important history, art and the scientific value is included officially in November 30, 2000 the world culture inheritance name list. in January, 2001 is evaluated by the National Tourism Administration is the country level AAAA level tourist scenic zone.

Copyright: Jacky Cheng
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 7632x3816
Taken: 23/09/2007
Uploaded: 13/01/2014
Updated: 06/01/2019


Tags: eastern qing tombs; palace; mausoleum,hebei
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More About hebei

Hebei located at Beijing, the Tianjin two city's periphery, was the national capital important place since old times. As the Qing Dynasty imperial family “the picnic” the place, northeast Hebei Province's Chengde is one which of historical cities our country names most early, here has the Qing Dynasty biggest imperial family historic garden Chengde summer resort, the Chinese biggest imperial family temple group - - “Waibamiao”, Qing Dynasty imperial family You Lie place - - Lily magnolia yard. Hebei is China's cultural relic big province, has country key Cultural relic preservation organ 58, is the national first place, famous also has Handan Zhao Wangcheng the ruins, the She County Wa imperial palace, the sound hall mountain rock cave, Baoding Chihli governor bureau, the ancient lotus pond, clear Xiling, Tangshan clear Dongling, the Cangzhou iron lion, the Dingzhou tower, Zhaozhou Bridge, the Zhengding Longxing Temple and so on. In the long historic monuments' behind, Hebei Province also many have the scenery beauty the natural landscape: Beidaihe, Qinhuangdao Nadaihe and the Tangshan coast's natural seashore scenery, on the vast sublime dam the prairie, the rural feeling day becomes the Laishui Yesanpo, precipitous does not lose elegant Zhangshiyan ......The mountain, the water, prairie each kind of view serve as contrast to become, was “Land of Yan and Zhao” has increased many colors. Some areas ancient are Jizhou, therefore is called Hebei. Hebei is situated at shore of North China, the Bohai Sea, around capital Beijing, suburb Tianjin. When Spring and Autumn Period Warring States for swallow, the Zhao place, when Chinese, Jin sets at Hebei, quiet two states, Tang Shuhe the Beidao, the Yuan is the secretariat, clearly is the national capital, clear is Chihli, in 1928 the beginning called Hebei Province. Presently governs 11 locally administered levels, 22 county-level cities, 109 counties, 6 autonomous counties. more than 60 city county opening to the outside world. Entire province area 187693 square kilometers. Has nationalities and so on Han Nationality, Hui tribe, Manchu nationality.

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