Tiananmen Square in Beijing, China

Tiananmen Square in Beijing, China
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Palace of Culture (imperial ancestral temple)

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Palace of Culture (imperial ancestral temple): East side Beijing Tiananmen. The total area 139,650 square
meters, the plane assumes the north and south to approach the rectangle, the main entrance in the south, fence
all around tertiary. The main construction is three enters the main hall and the side hall, front has the
colored glaze brick gate and house each, first palace surface extravagant 11, depth four, the double-eaved
roof traditional Chinese-style roof with four surfaces sloping away from ridgepole goes against, the
surroundings have the tertiary white marble Xumi place type station base, in every direction stone guard rail.
Its main beam column outsourcing sinks the fragrant wood, other timber components are gold thread Nan-mao, the
ceiling and the column all paste the red artificial flower with gold-foil, the manufacture are fine, although
the imperial ancestral temple rebuilds after the Qing Dynasty, its rules and regulations and the wood and
stone part, maintains the original construction roughly, is one of Beijing most complete Ming Dynasty
architectural complexes. The imperial ancestral temple is famous by the copal, the tree age reaches much for
several hundred years. in 1924 warded off for the peaceful park, on 1950 May 1 changed Beijing Palace of