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Germany, Europe
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About Frank

As you see on my profile photo, every picture tells a story. The story of this picture is that my father, who was an excellent amateur photographer, took this photo of me when I was five years old. This was a prediction for my future life. After having studied design and photography in Cologne, Germany, in the seventies, I have been working as a professional in photojournalism, documentation and studio photography. My ambition for panoramic photography started in the eighties with a russian 120° horizon camera. This was a pretty good tool for landscape and capturing live scenes as well. In the new millenium QTVR came up, my first experiencies with ipix/coolpix were rather disappointing concerning image quality and the horrible ipix policy. I changed to professional DSLR with the legendary nikkor 8mm fisheye lens and appropriate software. Now I have got the experience of hundreds of threesixties I shot in the last six years for museums, companies and documentation. My idea is, apart from optimal documentation via VR, to fill the scenes with life. There are some examples in my portfolio among others, which are traditional.