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The theoretical method is the main one in the methodology that links - write my essay company

the totality of knowledge obtained by all methods in the conceptual vision of the problem. The theoretical method involves ordering knowledge about gender based on the principles of logical construction of a holistic concept and determining the place of this knowledge in the system of social Sciences in General or within individual social Sciences or Humanities. Systematization of gender knowledge, the logic of their ordering and integration are based on the need to identify trends, directions of development, the system of relations. Theoretical design gender can be successful only in the context of studying everything society, its structure and order, formation and development. Now, in fact, newly formed knowledge on the transformed social space. However, in the absence of this knowledge about gender in the system, it is impossible to answer many questions. The lack of gender mainstreaming hinders development of separate social science branches that, in turn, constrains the use of scientific tools by practitioners  for real practical change.

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