Seat of the European Commission

The Berlaymont building is an important governmental building in Brussels, Belgium. It houses the European Commission headquarters. The structure is located at Rue de la Loi/Wetstraat in what is known as the "European district", where it is one of the most prominent of the buildings housing EU and international institutions.
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Around 1850 the area of the Jubilee Park was a training ground for the Civil Guard. In 1875, architect Gédéon Bordiau drew the first plans of exhibition halls to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the Belgian Kingdom (1830 -1880). The project was completed in 1910 and the Jubilee site received its present form: two wings, consisting of large halls, connected to each other by semi-circular colonnades and as an architectural eye catcher, the impressive three-arched arch of triumph. The triple arch by the French architect Charles Girault, in Louis XVI style, is 45 m high and 30 m wide. The Cinquantenaire halls host three museums: The Royal Museum of the Army and Military History in the northern wing. The Royal Museums of Art and History in the southern wing. The "Autoworld".