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Distribution Partnership between 360Cities & Getty Images

Since November 2015, Getty Images has been 360Cities’ global distribution partner. The partnership with Getty makes 360Cities’ unique library of high quality panoramic imagery available for licensing via Getty Images and their global partners. 360Cities contributors are now earning regular licensing royalties through Getty’s sales teams, as well as those of their affiliates’, who promote interactive 360° panoramic imagery from 360Cities as part of their regular offering to their thousands of business customers around the world.

Why did we partner with Getty Images?

Our partnership with Getty Images compliments our current licensing business and benefits many of our photographer members. This is because presently we license panoramas primarily for creative uses (e.g. advertising) and development (e.g. app and VR) and do comparatively little licensing for editorial usages (e.g. digital news sites, magazines and ebooks).

Getty Images by contrast is the world leader in editorial licensing, with a large sales staff and a customer list that includes the largest consumers of editorial imagery in the world. This means that many more of the images in our collection are being licensed by editorial users via the Getty channel, and thus more of our contributors are earning royalties from their panoramas.

Getty Images is bringing a high volume of panorama licensing transactions for editorial usage.

Importantly, Getty is committed to educating their thousands of editorial customers to include panoramic content in their regular consumption of straight photos and video. Getty chose 360Cities as their partner in this commitment because of the quality and extent of our panoramic image database, contributed by photographers like you.

Does the Getty partnership mean 360Cities will eventually stop licensing my panoramas?

No. While the Getty partnership has greatly increased the consumption of panoramic photos, particularly for editorial usage, we will continue to serve and grow our creative and developer customer base. Getty-sourced licensing royalties will supplement rather than replace the royalties we are generating ourselves.

Do I have to commit to licensing exclusively via 360Cities and Getty Images?

No. You are not required to license your panoramas exclusively either through 360Cities or Getty Images.

How are my images being made available on Getty Images?

360Cities’ editors review images in the 360Cities database that are approved for publication and selects images Getty based on quality, subject matter, and completeness of metadata. We have been doing this continuously since November 2015 and there are now many thousands of 360Cities images available for licensing on This number is growing steadily.

A select group of over five hundred 360Cities photographers accepted our Holiday Season Offer to curate their own images for Getty. We are launching a curation tool in their account pages and would like to extend the offer to a wider group of 360Cities photographers this year.

How can I maximize my chances of having my images submitted to Getty Images?

It is our goal to submit as many of your images as possible to Getty Images. Creating great panoramas of iconic locations with complete and accurate metadata as per our tips for licensing will help to ensure that we can submit your images to Getty.

How do I know if my panoramas have been submitted to Getty Images?

Go to your published panoramas list. There is a new status called Getty Images under the Google Earth status. You’ll see a YES or NO by it.

How can I view my panoramas or other 360Cities panoramas on Getty Images' web site?

Just enter “” in the search box on

Can I choose not to have my images licensed via Getty Images?

Yes. For example, you can remain opted in for 360Cities licensing but opt out of Getty Images licensing if you prefer not to earn extra royalties via Getty at this time. Click here for simple instructions on how to do that. You can opt in again at any time in the future. You may also wish to review the terms and conditions for contributors to 360Cities, which you can do here.

What if I opt in for Getty Images licensing but change my mind later?

You can simply opt out of Getty Images licensing as explained here. Your images will be removed from as soon as possible, within 60 days.

How are image license prices determined?

Getty Images sets prices for all content on Getty Images also determines how the images will be licensed, whether individually or as part of a set or subscription package.

Getty Images generally licenses photos on a hybrid “rights-managed” basis, which means that the price of a license is determined by the customer’s specific required usage and image size. Images will receive a higher price if used for a commercial purpose like advertising and a lower price for an editorial usage like a news article. In other words, individual royalties for editorial usage may be low. However, this should be compensated for by the fact that we expect the volume of editorial images licensed to be greater.

What royalty percentage do I receive from my images that are licensed via Getty Images?

360Cities is paying a royalty of 60% of the GROSS REVENUE that we receive from Getty Images.

360Cities is paying photographers 60% of its gross revenue received from Getty Images.

Do I receive attribution for my images that are published on and licensed by Getty Images' customers?

Yes. Images licensed to editorial users will be credited as follows: "Photographer/ Images." Getty Images strives to apply attribution where images are displayed on its website as well.

360Cities photographers receive recognition as well as royalties thanks to our distribution partnership with Getty Images.

What type of information will I receive regarding images that have been licensed by Getty Images?

Industry standard information including the name of the customer and type of usage will be included in the licensing section of your 360Cities account.

What types of images and related metadata have a better chance of being selected for Getty Images and subsequently licensed through them?

Please review our tips for increasing the chances of licensing your panoramas, and also our article on metadata, where you’ll find guidelines on setting titles, handles, descriptions, tags, etc.

We’re excited to be playing our part in making the use of panoramic images in online content more and more mainstream. We’re especially pleased that many more 360Cities contributing photographers are earning royalties for their stock panorama images.

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