86. College Street, Bankim Chaterjee Street, Kolkata, West Bengal - India @ Humayunn Peerzaada

College Street (name derived from the presence of many colleges) is a ~1.5 km long street in central Kolkatta in the Indian state of West Bengal. It stretches (approximately) from Ganesh Chandra Avenue Crossing in Bowbazar area to Mahatma Gandhi Road crossing. It houses many centres of intellectual activity specially Indian Coffee House, a cafe that has attracted the city's intelligentsia for decades. 
The College Street is most famous for its small and big bookstores, which gives it the nickname Boi Para (Colony of Books). People from whole city and different parts of the state gathers here for their book. Many bigwigs of the Bengali publication industry (like: Ananda Publishers, Abhijan Publishers, Dey's Publishing, Rupa & Co. etc.) are situated here. The street is also dotted with countless very small book kiosks which sell new and old books. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/College_Street_%28Kolkata%29

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To almost all who live here and all who visit,a city of intense humanity, riddled by paradox and disparity, yet rich in urban custom, human enterprise and local milieu. The city of 2 Nobel Laureates Mother Teresa & Tagore.