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Greek Catholic Church, parish TREBIŠOV

Greek Temple of the Death of the Virgin Mary The Registry Greek Catholic Church, led since 1776, a report on the old parsonage, which suggests the existence of an earlier church of the Eastern Church in Trebisov. We can only assume that the original was cerkev wooden with thatched roofs and insufficient for a growing number of believers of different migration waves. It was at the peak of migration 28th August 1817 laid the cornerstone of a new stone church eastern rite for the faithful. Designers of the new Greek church was the architect Joseph Turčáni. He suggested the temple, which needs sufficient interior spiritual life of the growing number of faithful Greek Catholic Church. Construction of the temple was carried out between 1818 to 1825. His formal ordination took place 28th August 1825 on the feast of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. It was proof that the city was very strong patrocínium Virgin Mary. The tragic events did not go around the temple. Natural disaster 3rd July 1844 caused the collapse of a church tower, which again was built in 1855. After a strong fire in 1876 destroyed the bell tower, which contributed to the king and the Ministry of Culture. Restoring the interior of the temple was completed in 1886, when carvers Peter Kovaliczkým built iconostasis and the pulpit. Iconostas dominant icon in the Death of the Virgin Mary. Along with it there was placed an icon of Jesus Christ, Mother of God, St.. Nicholas. In another instance of the smaller icons in the center of the Last Supper and after both sides of the twelve major feast days of the Christian year. Icons of the twelve apostles, prophets and patriarchs, dominating over them with a painful Calvary and St. Mother. John the Baptist, dotvárali iconostas entire composition. Sacristy extension in 1901, buying the artistically valuable Lustra, smooth interior installation of ceramic tiles and stained glass window (1907) completion of the temple was almost finished. Instead of bells zrekvírovaných three years during World War II was in the 20's, the 20th Century purchased a large bell named named Georgy. Fencing with forged decorative tower was completed and equipped in 1903. Later, in the repair of the temple in 1949 was the original iconostasis modernized and many paintings were disposed of. Picture St. Nicholas went to the store and the image of Death has been moved to the rear of the sanctuary, Imperial doors were removed, remained only a picture of Jesus and Mary with Jesus, Last Supper paintings and six holidays. The time from 24 April to 20 December 2001, however, the temple was reconstructed in its present form and has built a new iconostasis, which was solemnly sanctified 27th February 2002. Trebišov the oldest parish in times of The mere Christianity in our country was of great importance Migrations, whereby our territory were Slavs. Their Christianization had to charge missionaries pp. Constantine - Cyril and St.. Metod. Since both came from the territory in which a significant predominance of the Eastern Rite, our territory yielded just the ceremony. You go into this period and the beginnings of the Byzantine rite in that city. It is important settlement of 8 century, which were contained in the current urban core. It is assumed that the Slavic settlement kept the eastern rite. The period from 8 to 13 century in the writings occur in connection with the city Trebisov much information about the parish. The earliest report on the parish dates from the 1326th Its existence can be assumed according to the parish church was dedicated to the Virgin Mary, a very ancient Christian saint and feast. There is a strong likelihood that these sources believe the Catholic church and not Greek. The Greek Catholics in this historic period there is no credible leaflet. During the 13th - 16 century parish Trebisov mentioned, but here it is assumed the existence of a Roman Catholic parish. This was the largest parish in the area. In the 14th century mentions the establishment of Parish schools to teach boys and Pavlina arrival at the invitation of Imre featherbed. A new period in Greek Catholics Trebišov The name "old rectory" mentioned in the local Registry, says the existence of a Byzantine church in the city Trebišov. After the foundation stone of a new stone church in 1825, was in August, the feast of the Virgin Mary and Uspenia cerkev consecrated and the Greek Catholic Church began a new period. Catholic Church in Trebisov was hardly tested from the outset when their parish church doliehali many disasters, which the faithful with God's help pretrpeli and their faith is strengthened when it all as mentioned chronicle. From 1887 until 1944 the parish chronicle mentions only bitty important information regarding the local church. Most of information on the arrangements Parish buildings and smaller adjustments to the temple (bells, roof, side altars, etc.).. While this information indicates that the parish community in Trebišov spiritually alive and help each other. 5 An important event of our local church was a pilgrimage to St. Velehrad. Hostýn in 1946 which we attended, and thus clearly have signaled their Cyril - Metodské roots of our church. In 1947 elections were held in the Council curator, who has been elected regularly schádzala and cares about the economic basis of the parish until the infamous 1950. In 1950 already feel something bad "air" but believing in it as if casually and regularly to the morning liturgy of the temple was crowded by them. This also shows how deeply religious people lived in this parish. After winding up in 1950, the retained information about the local Greek Catholic Church, which "exist". Chronicle mentions that most of the faithful attended Roman Catholic worship, a small part of the Orthodox Church and some proportion of the whole spiritual life, though no nenavštevovali liturgical slúženia. After the 1950 In 1968, our faithful written request for renewal of Byzantine churches WTP Communist Party Secretary Alexander Dubcek and Vasil Biľak, Secretary and UV KSS KSS. He set up a steering committee consisting of six representatives of the Orthodox Church from the ranks of curators and an equal number of representatives of the Greek Church. Rehabilitation occurred after the Action Committee filed an application to the District National Committee, the 8th June 1968 was transferred to the inauguration of the Greek Catholic Church activities in Trebisov. The first administrator of reconstruction has become o. Michael Ihnát. The participation of the faithful reconstruction of the St.. liturgy was greater than before the destruction, as if the faithful are trying to catch up with what for 18 years lost ground. After rehabilitation began with the gradual modification and repair of the temple, which breaks with a larger or smaller modifications lasted until 1985. Started to build a new parish building, which in 1980 consecrated o. Ordinary John HIRK. In 1990, the place of Dean District o. arcidekanovi George Kocákovi took o. Tomas Milan, which in 1991 replaced o. Michael Onderka. In these years, is slowly starting with Catholic teaching religion in schools. Year 1992 was significant for our parish, especially since we have it in our church welcomed, and throughout the week and worship, traveling the icons Klokocovske miraculous image of the Virgin Mary and the faithful could attend the ordination of the renewed monastery fathers baziliánov which they returned into the hands of the sad events in 1950. In 1994 our parish has experienced priestly ordination now five theologians, among them two of the local natives. One year our parish has established a nice tradition of annual ecumenical festival of songs entitled: Gorazd Trebišov. In September, opened the first Church of St. Gymnasium. John the Baptist archijerejskou holy liturgy in the presence of John squire HIRK and many priests. Also in this city took o. Dusan Seman as parish administrator while Dean district. In 1997 our parish jurisdictional passed under the administration of newly established Greek Apostolic Exarchate established in Košice. Life Greek Catholic Church in those days was a good spiritual level, and gradually began to develop the various activities - Gorazd Trebisov, on Palm Sunday meetings, youth meetings, etc.. The fact that young people of this parish is spiritually alive and show different Opekačka, Meetings, sledging, trips and other meetings for young people not only body but also spirit. 6 In 2002 (24 November) published the first issue of our parish magazine, which received the name of Salonika and builds a week now. In 2003, our spiritual level raise holy mission. Since then our community of believers, young and old are trying to follow Jesus Christ and always walk in his footsteps. Along the way we try to create a living community of faith. In the academic year 2004/2005 was transformed Secondary vocational school of the Church associated secondary schools pp. Jehoshaphat. Inauguration was held with the participation of Milan Chautura squire, CSsR which archijerejskú celebrated the holy liturgy. In 2005, exactly 25 May, in our parish feast held exarchátna the Sacred Body and Blood of our Lord, by the presence of many priests celebrated preosvietený squire Chautur Milan, CSSR. On 2.septembra 2007 was solemnly sanctified restored parish building, again our squire Chauturom Milan, CSSR. Vicissitudinous Catholic Church in Trebisov is a nice example of words that Jesus said to Peter, "and the gates of hell shall not prevail it" (cf. Mt 16.18).


source: http://www.grkattv.sk/node/220

Copyright: Jan Koterba
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 8000x4000
Taken: 20/04/2010
Uploaded: 21/04/2010
Updated: 04/03/2015


Tags: church; parish; kostol; trebisov; greek; catholic
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