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The tobacco old factory of Lavapiés. Bathroom



At some time it was possible to be gotten to think that the creativity as much scientist as artistic it only could be the result of the isolated and almost heroic work of an inspired individual or extremely motivated. That model of creativity that had its heroes in the scientists and artists of the romanticism has given much of himself and perhaps we are now in conditions for raising to us if it is perhaps the unique possible model or if in fact it even can abiertamente be questioned.

In scientific terms [1 seems evident], on the one hand, that good part of the creativity happens rather in the surroundings of laboratories where different and often complementary intelligences can work jointly. On the other hand, it seems also clear that creativity no longer occurs of a completely falling apart way of the social surroundings and political in which only works but located in a concrete context we are able to understand it and to develop it.

Collaboration and contextualidad then, are two of the characteristics that seem to have incorporated to the conception that of the creativity we have and this is thus also, obvious, in the field of the cultural and artistic production, where these two characteristics even seem more logical that in other dominions of the investigation

At the time of thinking the institutions in charge to support and to protect the cultural and artistic generatividad, we were whereupon, quite often, these institutions have continued favoring a model that prioritizes the work of the artists conceived like isolated individuals, instead of to detect and to support networks and communities of saberes and practices much more ample and articulated. Diria that our cultural institutions fulfill until the fatigue with the ritual to identify and to isolate “creators”, secreting to them of the means in whom these work and in which its work has been satisfied and perhaps it has felt plenary session, to turn into an interchangeable chromium species in the innumerable fairs and markets to them that score the dream of the world of the art.

A project as the Tobacco CSA understands and respects all the possibilities of organization and distribution of the creativity, but understands its contribution like an open bet by a model of production and distribution in which the artistic generatividad appears contextualised and plotted of collaborative way, in abierto code since it would become in a scientific laboratory or a flamenco rock. Understanding the cultural thing in the amplest sense, like active, vital process, integrated in the surroundings in which one occurs.

So that our bet does not remain in a toast to the sun of the colaboratividad and the procommon one, the structure everything of the organization of the Tobacco CSA aims to establish spaces of work and diffusion that do not assign to individuals (studies, exhibitions, etc) but to practices and languages (factories, laboratories). In this way the structure of space, temporary and labor distribution of Tobacco grower will conspire so that the artistic practices more outposts share laboratory of work, spaces of discussion and until table and table cloth with the social and political practices plotted with the district of Lavapiés and the metropolitan zone of Madrid.

Nothing of what has been said up to here must be understood like a limitation to the necessary autonomy of the artistic and cultural practices, on the contrary the proposal everything thinks like a way to safeguard that autonomy, that surely can be certainly threatened by the ways sprays to understand it by means of which good part of the institutions of the world of the art works and which they perhaps have the effect to put under a constant uncertainty and tension by the survival to the artists and creators who have had the immense luck to gain a prize or a stay.

The autonomy of the individuals and the communities can be understood like a series of open processes that are fed back and they are defended mutually providing spaces, times and tools.
Although we were constituent process in the heat of and good part of the activity of the CSA still consists of receiving new proposals and integrating them in the plot of functional spaces and laboratories that we are organizing, we can offer either one first incomplete e list of some of the investigation and defined and integrated work groups or in the plot of the Tobacco CSA:

  • Group of Sustainable Architectures
  • Groups Tobacco Communication (Web, video, graphical design)
  • Groups of action and ocal information
  • Group Discussion on Self-management
  • Computer science classroom (electronic art, work in networks)
  • Coordination of childhood (factories and activities by and for minors)
  • Tactical area (Silkscreen printing, Photography, Art of intervention)
  • Factory Photographs Analogical and Technical Old.
  • Edition factory and binding.
  • Factory of Sculpture
  • Factory of Batik
  • Factory urban mobility (bicis, propose of mobility)
  • OGT (Tobacco Gastronomical Observatory)
  • Laboratory of Theater
  • Group of Theater of street.
  • Painting factory
  • Factory of dances (classic, contemporary, Hindu, flamenco and bollywood)
  • Factory of Skaters
  • Factory of Parkour
  • Factory of Martial Arts
  • Factory of Scaling
  • Space Urban Culture (Dj's, Graffitti, etc…)
  • Laboratory of Recycling of Computers and Experimentation with Free Software
  • Sample Cinema of Lavapiés (that goes by his seventh dumb edition and to Tobacco grower)
  • Laboratory Cinema: Plate and production
  • Artistic factory of Performance and Behaviors.
  • Orchestra of camera.
  • Big Band (jazz, music of dance and hall)
  • Choir of contemporary music
  • Group of composers of contemporary music
  • Flamenco rock
  • Group of Operates Contemporary
  • Factory of Tango
  • Factory Seam and investigations on the Fashion.
  • Factory of design and recycling of furniture.
  • Factory of Circus
  • Factory of artistic Documentation of the Tobacco event.
  • Other activities

The “phase 2” in which we were now supposes the process of organization and grant of the spaces with which we counted to be able to give opportunity to some groups to develop its activity in self-management regime according to three principles that are those that conditions the participation in the Tobacco CSA:

  • All the activities are realised and offered of gratuitous way.
  • All the production is developed under “free licenses”.
  • It is essential to participate in the joint dynamics of the CSA, participating in regulated way in the turns of work, maintenance and attention to the public.

Finally, all the factories, laboratories and lines of artistic activity will include and unfold in relation to three general categories that suppose other so many attempts to approach the necessary differences of scale, as well as the levels and speeds of intervention:

Tactical area, that will include/understand all the initiatives equipped for the immediate production of graphical supports, audio-visual and of action. The tactical area of the CSA is conceived like a network of possibilities of fast answer to social or expresivas needs of any nature with which the CSA and their groups want to coordinate themselves. It is of fundamental importance to equip the CSA with possibilities of cooperation with the most varied social and ocal actors.

Strategic area, that one takes care of processes of formation and grant of saberes and resources that are completing the repertoire than as Tobacco CSA we are able to do. One will take care to anticipate and to program courses, processes of formation, to organize the acquisitions of equipment… One is which it gives account of the average and agreed decisions. Those that gamble in the long term.

Operational area: Uniting and mediating the other two. Implied in cycles, campaigns, unfoldings of action and materials that are giving space and temporary coherence to the work left the Tobacco CSA. It is the area that must think about synergies and sustainabilities, combining immediate and long term action, habitual and the exceptional thing.

[1] and has made thus it notice the investigations of Kuhn, Feyerabend or Latour

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Copyright: Juan Lamata
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 7816x3908
Taken: 28/01/2011
Uploaded: 29/01/2011
Updated: 16/11/2016


Tags: juan lamata; grafiti; art; bathroom; madrid; tobbaco; street art; streetart; stencil; spray
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