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View of Lord Howe Island airport from Blinky Beach
Pacific Ocean Islands

This is the view of Lord Howe Island airport from Blinky Beach sand dunes. Mount Lidgbird, which appears to be the taller of the two, is actually 777 metres high, while Mount Gower, to the right, is 875 metres.

Copyright: John Eggers
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 8000x4000
Taken: 22/05/2011
Uploaded: 31/05/2011
Updated: 08/08/2014


Tags: lord howe island; pacific islands; airport; blinky beach; mount lidgbird; mount gower
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More About Pacific Ocean Islands

Pacific Ocean Islands are divided in three parts : Melanesia (Black Islands) Micronesia (Small Islands) Polynesia (Many Islands) There are between 20.000 & 30.000 islands in the Pacific Islands