the Palace Museum

Palace Museum (the Palace Museum), founded in October 10, 1925, in the Ming Dynasty, Qing dynasties and the collection of the Imperial Palace built on the basis of a comprehensive Chinese museums, the ancient culture of China's largest art museum, its artifacts collection the collection comes mainly from the Qing Dynasty palace. National Palace Museum is now a total of two Chinese, Beijing Palace Museum and Taipei Palace Museum, both of which are...(more)

Imperial Palace-Palace of Heavenly Purity


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(Palace of Heavenly Purity) is the Imperial Palace imperial palace main hall, imperial palace one of latter three palaces. Surface extravagant 9, depth 5, the height 20 meters, the double-eaved roof traditional Chinese-style roof with four surfaces sloping away from ridgepole goes against. Palace center has the throne, two have the heated room. Did the clear palace to build in the Ming Dynasty Yunglo 18 years (in 1420), because the Ming and Qing Dynasties two generations several times were burnt once down reconstruct, the existing construction (in 1798) constructed for the Qing Dynasty Jiaqing three years.