Will Rogers Outfit at Sweetwater Brewing Company

A summer afternoon of music and beer. The Will Rogers Outfit band performs one of their shows at the SweetWater Brewing Company which produces some of the best local brews in Atlanta. The are especially noted for their Sweetwater 420 (Extra Pale Ale) which is served in nearly all fine Atlanta establishments. Click here to enjoy a photo gallery of this event. SweetWater Brewing Company, Atlanta Georgia


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The Virginia Highland neighborhood, commonly referred to as Virginia Highlands is one of the nicest parts in Atlanta. Within walking distance you can find cafés, restaurants, popular bars, shops and more. Most importantly, this neighborhood in conveniently located minutes from downtown Atlanta.

Looking for a place to sit down for a beer and some good food? We recommend Fontaines for their oysters, the Highland Tap for their food, Moes & Joes for their cheap beer and relaxed atmosphere Update: Moe's now has good eats too! Try the fish tacos and Georges for a place to meet a friend.

Looking for high end new homes in the million plus range? Virginia Highlands has them.

Recommended Contractors for Remodeling and Construction Highland Design Team
Hammertime Construction
Willy Vega

Recommended Real Estate Agent
Mary Hallenberg

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