National stadium (bird nest) beijing

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National Stadium is located in the south central area of ​​Beijing Olympic Park, 2008 29th Olympic Games main stadium. The total area of ​​21 hectares, construction area of ​​258,000 square meters. Venue seats about 91,000 spectators, including about 11,000 temporary seats. At the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games opening and closing ceremonies, athletics and soccer finals. Beijing Olympic Games will be broad public participation in sports activ...(more)
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Beijing Olympic Park - National Stadium ( Bird's Nest ) -2008


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The Olympics park central area located at Beijing north the axle vertex, the area 315 hectares, is urban tradition axle extending, Italy explains Chinese the millennium history culture the extension. The centralism has manifested “the science and technology, the green, the humanities” three big ideas, fused the work, the trade, the hotel, article , sports, the conference, the housing many kinds of function new urban regions, in the region had the transport network which the consummation energy foundation, extended in all directions.