Didier Meaux

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About Didier

After studying photography in France, My 1st job was in the photo journalism (2 years in French newspaper Ouest France). Then the winter seasons (Verbier, Switzerland) allowed me to discover nature, take time to have look. In my approach, an image must be read slowly discovering. I do not want to give everything, right away. Take time to look at my photos to see what is suggested. The more we look, the more one discovers. The ambition is to tell a story, to be emerging a sense. If you feel that watching my photos, then, is that I managed my work. People often tell me that my photos are 'dark'. In fact, I like playing with black shadows and strong contrasts. This allows me to keep a form of mystery, not fully reveal the image and give an 'aggression' in the image. This is also why the 'photographic printing' is very important to me. It dresses, it completes my idea. From this point of view, new technologies (digital, computer software), provide new tools to work the design of the picture. Currently I am working on the possibilities offered by the 360 °, virtual tour and with the same artistic and creative. A 'nice' photo, reproducing what we imagine at the time of the click, not what we see