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Matthias Taugwalder: photographer, computer expert and mountaineer

Matthias Taugwalder grew up in Zermatt (Switzerland). After spending his childhood in the mountains, he studied Business Informatics at the University of Zürich. He is a direct descendant of the mountaineers Peter Taugwalder and Son, who experienced the drama of the first ascent of the Matterhorn with Edward Whymper on 14th July 1865. The family tradition is obligatory, it is a matter of honour for him to take his panoramic shots by climbing the ascents and doing without helicopter services.

Taugwalder is a passionate panoramic photographer. The focus of his photographic creativity is the Alps and the surrounding area. By capturing the structures, forms and aura of the mountain landscape as realistically as possible, he meets documentary standards. In addition, as a computer expert, he makes full use of the opportunities offered by electronics.

Alongside his freelance activities, Matthias Taugwalder runs his own company, Concept360. As the company’s owner, he offers a whole range of services in the field of photography and information services. Clients include companies, advertising agencies, museums and publishing houses.

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