Lew Wurdeman

New Mexico, USA, North America
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About Lew

Lew Wurdeman has been a professional photographer since 1996 and started shooting virtual tours in 2003 which resulted in launching 360minnesota.com.  Having relocated, we have changed our panorama business to Omniround.  We have a business presence in Arizona, Colorado, Minnesota, Nevada, New Mexico, and Texas.

Our first client was a property management company with condo and apartment complexes across the country that wanted virtual tours to showcase their properties.  This led to a mix of commercial, residential, and artistic panoramas being photographed in a variety of locales.

Having been in the business since the early days, we have a variety of camera, lens, and tripod combinations to produce a wide variety of shoot possiblities for any project from large to small. 

We are a technologically evolving company keeping up on the latest in photographic and panoramic equipment, software and techniques.  The latest "big thing" being HDR (High Dynamic Range) images using muliple bracketed shots at various exposures to dramatically improve the dynamic range of the images overcoming the shortcoming of digital photography. 

We are the promoters of the new name for what we sell, the Omniview.

Omniround is available to shoot your virtual tour or panoramic project anywhere in the world.  Have passport, will travel!