Thomas Bredenfeld


Vienna, Lower Austria, Austria, Europe
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About Thomas

Studied electronics and painting in Germany and Austria. Long time living as an artist with more than 60 art exhibitions in DE, AT, CH, IT and USA, from the 1980ies up to now with paintings and in the last 20 years with fine art photography too. Some big painting and photography artworks in architectural contexts (church, school, house, museum, memorial site, railway station).

My most recent book publication is the a comprehensive german handbook about digital panoramic photography, which covers all aspects of panorama production. Since its first edition in 2009 and being available in its third edition now, it's widely estimated as the standard book about panorama production. Feel free to visit the books companion website (

Occasionally I'm producing video tutorial DVD's for the german speaking publishers video2brain / Addison-Wesley. A 2006 production was "Landscape, Architecture, Panorama", which got an update in 2010 covering the whole process of panorama production in 18 hours of live tutorial videos and screencasts: Praxistraining Fotografie: Panorama). It's a perfect supplement to the book.

Other titles are covering Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop. These productions are followed by 3 Books about Photoshop CS2, CS3 and CS4

Feel free to visit my personal website for more details about my work or subscribe to my blog (german).