Байкал ,Северобайкальск ,Фролиха,озеро,заповедник

If you search for a silent and quiet place, where really transparent water and a protogenic taiga where the fish jumps out of water? That this lake Frolikha. In lake from which the same river running into Baikal follows, the red fish даватчан - the relic form of a glacial epoch is found unique for Siberia. In the Baikal meets seldom, mainly in area of lip Фролиха and on coastal sites from the river Tompy up to the Top Angara. Meat of a fish дават...(more)
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Cape the perch.Lake Frolicha

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To describe charm of this lake it is impossible, there it is necessary to visit. Magic of northern Baikal, grandiose and quiet landscapes, the cleanest air and water, an impassable protogenic taiga and traces of a bear, a nonmelting snow at tops of mountains, a dense fog in the mornings and declines in полнеба, noisy порожистые small rivers and ice streams, непуганые flights of fishes - all this Фролиха. The fine country - Transbaikalia There begins. And in comparison with other "nature sanctuaries" of Baikal, it is visited seldom enough.