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Haftsamar Art Gallery Apr 2013 Farzad Emami Typography 01
تایپوگرافی یا دبیره نگاری، هنر و شگردی است که برای چیدمان دبیره ها بکار می رود تا به زبان ویژه ای دست یابیم. این کار با دگرگون کردن اندازه ، شکل و رنگ دبیره ها به دست می آید. همه ما این کار را بگونه ای آزموده ایم.
در این نمایشگاه ، جستجوی چند ساله ی خود را در این زمینه به نمایش می گذارم:
آیا می توان پیوندی میان معنی واژه ها و چهره یا آوای آنها یافت؟ 
آیا معنی  واژگانی که بکار می گیریم را می دانیم یا چون به آنها خو کرده ایم آن ها را باز - می گوییم؟ 
زبان شناسان همیشه برای این پرسش ها پاسخ سر راستی ندارند. اما از آنجایی که زبان بر خواسته از ساختار ذهنی انسان است، می توان ذهن و آنچه به آن خو گرفته را به چالش گرفت. 
فرزاد امامی
فروردین 1392
Typography Exhibition
An idea had occurred in my mind when I was studying linguistics;

The word “splash” means as it sounds!  Are there any relations between the meaning, pronouncing and appearing of the words?

I have tried for many years to find out any link or relations between terms and its meanings, voices and appearances. As a translator I have been contacting many words and then reviewing that idea.

Typography let me to exercise the idea; to bring close together written form and the concepts of the words. Since the language is come out of the structure of mind, we can challenge the mind and its habitudes by typography. Can I change the way people think, imagine or even see the world? 

The feedback I received is nearly positive. And I will continue this manner so as to change my society. This is the softest way to say hey!

Farzad Emami
FARZAD   EMAMI                                                                 
Address: Iran
Cell phone:  0912-376-59-23                                            
 E-mail:  farazadax@gmail.com
Web site: www.FarzadEmami.com
Personal Information:
 Marital status: married
 Nationality: Iranian
 Date of birth: 31 March 1969
 Place of birth: Tehran 
 Translating, Photographing (analogue & digital), Documentary Film Making, Designing Catalogue & Teaching (English language, still & movie photographing)
 Teaching Special Effects, Video workshop in university (During 2 past years)
 Documentary Photographing & Documentary Film Making in Zolal Iran Co. from Jan.2007 up to now
 Writing an English article in Canadian Camera magazine 2007
 Teaching macrograph for dentist in 5th congress of dentist 2005
 Public relations supervisor in Melli Sakhteman Co. 2001- 2004
 Photographing behind the scene for two TV serials 1999-2001
 Translating articles & taking photos; published in several newspapers & magazines including:
    Iran, Hamshahri, Jam-e-Jam, Golbang, Ahang-e-Zendegi, Doorbin-e-Akkasi, Pazhuheshnameh  
 Advertising, Industrial, Documentary & Ceremonial photographing for foreign companies: Alcatel Co. branches of Iran, HSBC as well as Iranian big factories & firms like Imam Khomeini Int.Airport and Issatis Co.                    
 ₪    Developing film and printing black & white photo 1999
  ♫   Teaching children Classical music privately based on BEYER opus101, 1990-1992
  ∆     And physics of light and electricity privately 1988-1995
 ■ B.S. in translating English language in Tehran Payam- e- Nour University 1993-2003
 ■ Quality management systems - ISO 9001-2000 2004
 ■ Permission of teaching photography 2005
Special interests:
  Skiing, swimming, horseback riding, camping, classical music, yoga, feng shui, Philosophy
     Photography; Nature, 10 - 19 Dec. 1998. Djamshidieh Gallery
    Abstract photography: Bark, 28 - 3 May 2000. Haft Samar Gallery
    Abstract photography: Fruits I, 3 - 7 May 2003. Haft Samar Gallery
    Abstract photography: Clouds, 10-15 Dec 2004. Haft Samar Gallery
    Social photography: Confession, 7-12 Oct 2005 Haft Samar Gallery
    Abstract photography: Fruits II, 30Dec.2005-5 Jan2006 Nicole Gallery
    First Annual Photo Exhibition CPC/CAPA 2006, Tehran
     Isfahan Photo Exhibition CPC/CAPA, 2007
    1st. & 2nd. Annual Photo Exhibition CPC/CAPA, Sulaymania, Kurdistan, Iraq, Nov. 20-25, 2007
   CPC Group Photography “A Photo for Your Wall”, CAG North Vancouver, Canada, May2010
   Art Gallery, Vancouver, Canada, September 2010
   CPC Group Photography, Kay Meek Center, West Vancouver, Canada, October 17, 2010
    Photography with the pupils: Leaves, 5-10 March 2010 – Haft Samar Gallery   
   Our Environment, 11-16 Nov.2011– Haft Samar Gallery   

   Live Interviewing by Channel 4 of IRIB as a hardworking translator
   ⌂ Member of Ahle Ghalam Association (Gathering of writers & Translators) from 2007                 
   ⌂ “Member of National Iranian Photographers’ Society” 
   ⌂ “Member of Iranian Association of Writers for Children & Youth”
     Writing English & Persian poems (unpublished up to this date)
Translating Books
 Translating a collection of books (including 11 books about favorite job for children), 2007
 Translating 120 Essential Photography tips, 2009
 Translating “500 Digital Video Hints, Tips and Techniques”, 2010 
 Translating “Digital Photography for beginners”, 2011
Documentary Films:
 The Environment of Taleghan, 14 min. documentary film, 2007
 Visiting of Contemporary artist painting exhibition 30 min. film, 2008
 “Piano Concert of Parisa Tavakoli’s Pupils”, 01:52:00, 2011
فرزاد امامي

همراه: 09123765923  ،       farazadax@gmail.com  ،      www.FarzadEmami.com 
مشخصات فردي:  مليت: ايراني،    تاريخ تولد:  11/1/1348      تهران ،  متأهل
نشانی :  خیابان شریعتی – خیابان میرزاپور – کوچه طاهری – شماره 5 – طبقه دوم 
1ـ ترجمه
2ـ عكس¬ برداري (آنالوگ و ديجيتال)،  فیلم برداری 
3ـ تدريس:  عكاسي ، فیلم برداری ، زبان انگليسي
فعاليت¬ها (سوابق):
1- مستند سازی برای شرکت زلال ایران از سال 1385 تا کنون
2- مصاحبه در برنامه زنده شبکه چهار سیما به عنوان پرکار ترین مترجم هفته 1386
3ـ ارائه كاربرد ماكروفتوگرافي در دندان¬پزشكي در پنجمين همايش دندان-پزشكان ترميمي ايران، آبان¬ماه 1384     
4ـ عكس برداري پشت صحنه دو سريال تلويزيوني (1379 ـ 1378)
5ـ ترجمه و نگارش مقاله و چاپ عكس در روزنامه¬ها و مجلات داخلی (ايران، همشهري، جام¬جم، گلبانگ،  آهنگ     زندگي، دوربين عكاسي، پژوهشنامه) و در مجلات خارجی (Canadian Camera  و فرهنگ )      
6ـ عكس برداري صنعتي، تبليغاتي و مستند براي شركت¬هاي Alcatel ، HSBC ، Nokia و  نيز شركت¬هاي  بزرگ و كوچك ايراني: ايساتيس، كارخانه آجر ماشيني دامغان، فرودگاه امام خميني ، زلال ايران 
تجربه ها:
1ـ ظهور فيلم سياه و سفيد و چاپ آن
2ـ تدريس موسيقي كلاسيك به كودكان
3ـ تدريس فيزيك نور و الكتريسيته
4- طراحی بروشور و کاتالوگ
1ـ كارشناس مترجمي زبان انگليسي از دانشگاه پيام نور تهران 
2ـ دوره آموزشي سيستم¬هاي مديريت كيفيت ايزو 2000 – 9001 
3ـ مجوز تدريس عكاسي از سازمان فني و حرفه¬اي وزارت كار و امور اجتماعي

انجمن ها :
1ـ عضو انجمن هنر عكاسي كانادا
2 ـ عضو انجمن عکاسان ایران
3 – عضو انجمن نویسندگان کودک و نوجوان 
4- عضو انجمن عکاسی کارون
5- عضو اهل قلم
1ـ نمايشگاه عكس با عنوان طبيعت در گالري جمشيديه ـ آذر 1377 (انفرادي)
2ـ نمايشگاه عكس انتزاعي با عنوان تنة درخت در گالري هفت ثمر ـ ارديبهشت  1379 (انفرادي)
3ـ نمايشگاه عكس با عنوان ميوه هاI  در گالري هفت ثمر ـ ارديبهشت  1382 (انفرادي)
4ـ نمايشگاه عكس با عنوان ابرها در گالري هفت ثمر ـ آذر 1383(انفرادي)
5ـ نمايشگاه عكس اجتماعي با عنوان اعترافات هفت ثمر ـ مهر ماه  1384 (انفرادي)
6- نمايشگاه عكس با عنوان ميوه ها  II در گالري نيكول- دي ماه  1384 (انفرادي)
7- نخستین نمايشگاه گروهي اعضا انجمن عكاسان كانادا- زمستان 1385
8- نمايشگاه گروهي اعضا انجمن عكاسان كانادا – اصفهان  1386
9- نمايشگاه گروهي اعضا انجمن عكاسان كانادا –  سلیمانیه 1387
10-  نمايشگاه گروهی عكس با هنرجویان عکاسی با عنوان برگ ها، هفت ثمر ـ 1388
11- نمايشگاه گروهی عكس نخستین جشنواره ملی عکس محیط زیست، بندر عباس - 1390  
12- نمایشگاه گروهی عكس با هنرجویان عکاسی با عنوان زیست بوم ما، هفت ثمر- 1390
ترجمه کتاب :
1-  کتاب های مشاغل (11 جلد) برای کودکان ، انتشارات افق1386  
2- 120 نکته ضروری در عکاسی – چاپ نخست 1387 –چاپ دوم 1388
3- ترجمه متن فارسی کتاب سواد کوه ، سرزمین خورشید به انگلیسی، 1389
4- 500 نکته در تصویر برداری دیجیتال – چاپ نخست 1389
فیلم های مستند تدوین شده :
1- محیط زیست طالقان، 15 دقیقه 
2- دیدار از نمایشگاه نقاش معاصر، 30 دقیقه 
3- کنسرت گروه شوپن، هنرجویان موسیقی ، 120 دقیقه 
جوایز : 
1- برنده مدال برنز از مسابقه های سالانه ونکوور کانادا 1387 
2- دیپلم افتخار از انجمن عکاسان کانادا 1389 

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More About Tehran

Overview and HistoryTehran is the capital of Iran and the largest city in the Middle East, with a population of fifteen million people living under the peaks of the Alborz mountain range.Although archaeological evidence places human activity around Tehran back into the years 6000BC, the city was not mentioned in any writings until much later, in the thirteenth century. It's a relatively new city by Iranian standards.But Tehran was a well-known village in the ninth century. It grew rapidly when its neighboring city, Rhages, was destroyed by Mongolian raiders. Many people fled to Tehran.In the seventeenth century Tehran became home to the rulers of the Safavid Dynasty. This is the period when the wall around the city was first constructed. Tehran became the capital of Iran in 1795 and amazingly fast growth followed over the next two hundred years.The recent history of Tehran saw construction of apartment complexes and wide avenues in place of the old Persian gardens, to the detriment of the city's cultural history.The city at present is laid out in two general parts. Northern Tehran is more cosmopolitan and expensive, southern Tehran is cheaper and gets the name "downtown."Getting ThereMehrabad airport is the original one which is currently in the process of being replaced by Imam Khomeini International Airport. The new one is farther away from the city but it now receives all the international traffic, so allow an extra hour to get there or back.TransportationTehran driving can be a wild free-for-all like some South American cities, so get ready for shared taxis, confusing bus routes and a brand new shiny metro system to make it all better. To be fair, there is a great highway system here.The metro has four lines, tickets cost 2000IR, and they have segregated cars. The women-only carriages are the last two at the end, FYI.Taxis come in two flavors, shared and private. Private taxis are more expensive but easier to manage for the visiting traveler. Tehran has a mean rush hour starting at seven AM and lasting until 8PM in its evening version. Solution? Motorcycle taxis! They cut through the traffic and any spare nerves you might have left.People and CultureMore than sixty percent of Tehranis were born outside of the city, making it as ethnically and linguistically diverse as the country itself. Tehran is the most secular and liberal city in Iran and as such it attracts students from all over the country.Things to do, RecommendationsTake the metro to the Tehran Bazaar at the stop "Panzda Gordad". There you can find anything and everything -- shoes, clothes, food, gold, machines and more. Just for the sight of it alone you should take a trip there.If you like being outside, go to Darband and drink tea in a traditional setting. Tehranis love a good picnic and there are plenty of parks to enjoy. Try Mellat park on a friday (fridays are public holidays), or maybe Park Daneshjou, Saaii or Jamshidieh.Remember to go upstairs and have a look around, always always always! The Azadi Tower should fit the bill; it was constructed to commemorate the 2500th anniversary of the Persian Empire.Tehran is also full of museums such as:the Contemporary Art Museumthe Abghine Musuem (glass works)the 19th century Golestan Royal Palace museumthe museum of carpets (!!!)Reza Abbasi Museum of extraordinary miniaturesand most stunning of all,the Crown Jewels Museum which holds the largest pink diamond in the world and many other jaw-dropping jewels.Text by Steve Smith.