Gyeongbok Place, museum

Gyeongbokgung (Palace Greatly Blessed by Heaven) was built in 1393, three years after the Joseon Dynasty was founded, and it served as the main palace. This palace is located in the heart of capital city. It was steadily expanded before being reduced to ashes during the Japanese invansion of 1592. For the next 273 years the palace were left derelict until finally being rebuilt in 1878 under the leadership of Prince Regent Heungseon Daewongun. The...(more)
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Guenjeongjeon (Throne hall), Gyongbok palace

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Gyeongbokgung palace("Palace Greatly Blessed by Heaven.") is the largest palace of Chosun dynasty(1395-1905). This palace is destroyed during the Japaneses Hideyoshi invasions of 1592, and reconstructed in 1867. However Gyeongbokgung Palace was largely torn down during the Japanese occupation in early 20C, and then the restoration has been ongoing since 1990.

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Geunjeongjeon is the Throne Hall, where the king granted audiences to his officials, presided over large official functions and met foreign envoys. Geunjeongjeon is the largest and most formal hall in Gyeongbokgung. The two-tier edifice stands on a high platform reached by stone steps. There is a spacious courtyard in front, where important events were held and corridors enclose it.

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Guenjeongjeon (Throne hall), Gyongbok palace (0 км отсюда)
Geunjeongjeon, front view, from second stone terrace (0.021 км отсюда)
Guenjeongjeon(Throne hall), Gyongbok palace (0.007 км отсюда)
Geunjeongjeon, front view (0.023 км отсюда)
Gangnyeongjeon, the king's living quarters (0.123 км отсюда)
Guenjeongjeon(Main hall), Gyongbok palace (0.059 км отсюда)
Side building of Gangnyeongjeon (0.136 км отсюда)
Guenjeongmun Gate of Gyongbok palace (0.075 км отсюда)
Gyotaejeon, the queen's residence (0.160 км отсюда)
Yongje bridge in the outer square, Gyeongbokgung palace (0.111 км отсюда)
Gyeonghoeru Pavilion, Gyeongbokgung Palace (0.163 км отсюда)
Amisan, beautiful garden of queen's living quarters (0.205 км отсюда)
Jagyeongjeon, the residence of Queen Dowager Jo (0.243 км отсюда)
Gyeonghoeru Pavilion #2, Gyeongbokgung Palace (0.163 км отсюда)
Backyard of Jipgyeongdang (0.379 км отсюда)
Jangandang, living quarter of Gojong, the last emperor (0.515 км отсюда)
Taewonjeon, Gyeongbokgung Palace (0.520 км отсюда)
Hyangwonjeong Pavilion, Gyeongbokgung Palace (0.407 км отсюда)
Insumun gate of Taewonjeon, Gyeongbokgung Palace (0.503 км отсюда)
Yeongsajae of Taewonjeon, Gyeongbokgung Palace (0.530 км отсюда)
Jibokjae, the residence of las emperor of Joseon dynasty (0.571 км отсюда)
The Blue house and Sinmumun (0.609 км отсюда)
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