Balls Falls Conservation Area

The Balls Falls conservation area near Vineland, Ontario hosts a festival on the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend in October. These panoramas show the events taking place, from artists booths, native arts demonstrations, to magic shows, Music and entertainm

Robert samples a Tornado Potato at one of the food vendors, Thanksgiving weekend at Balls Falls
Outdoor vendor tents and marquee tents for Balls Falls fall festival. On the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, artists and crafters set up for a four day show. The weather doesn't always cooperate it can snow, or it can be summery in October in south...
Footbridge of the stream at Balls Falls, just above the waterfall.
A childrens' ride at the Balls Falls Thanksgiving fall festival.
Pony ride at the Balls Falls Conservation Area on Thanksgiving weekend.
The Balls Falls conservation area hosts a fall festival each year on the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. It features nature walks, arts and crafts, First Nations skills and lore, a working flour mill, raptor demonstrations, pony rides and a lot mor...
Each year on the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, The Balls Falls Conservation area hosts a fall festival. It features nature walks, demonstrations, historical exhibits, a working flour mill, and an arts and crafts show. This booth features hand pai...
Each year on the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend in October, the Balls Falls Conservation opens up the historic mill and sells the flour. It's difficult to get fresh stone ground flour any other way.
This lovingly restored calliope was used in the movie "The Natural" Lovingly restored, it makes the rounds of steam fairs and festivals. Here it is set up outside the Balls Falls Conservation Center
The lower waterfall at the Balls Falls conservation area near St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. This is thanksgiving weekend, and the leaves have started to turn colour.
At Balls falls Conservation Area, visitors line up for burgers and fries, and of course, Poutine. There seemed to be a lot of twins and triplets around that day. ;-)
Country church at the Balls Falls Conservation center near Vineland, Ontario
The Cottonwood Brass tunes up for the Ball's Falls Thanksgiving Weekend. This picturesque country church sits on land owned by the Ball family where they operated a flour mill at the top of a waterfall.
Robert orders a Cranberry Brie Pizza at the Balls Falls Fall festival on Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. Held each year, the festival includes food vendors, artists and artisans, antique steam engines, a working flour mill, children's rides and oth...