EBike tour from Cadenazzo to Airolo

Made an ebike tour from Cadenazzo, Ticino first up to the Monte Ceneri pass and then down to Bellinzona and up to Airolo at the entrance of the Gotthard tunnel.

From an ebike tour in Ticino. Biasca is a village north of Bellinzona at the Gotthard railway line.See also  Biasca
From an ebike tour in Ticino. Cadenazzo is a village between Bellinzona and Locarno.See also  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cadenazzo
This is the Castel Church San Maria del Castello in Giornico, Ticino. I visited it on a ebike tour to thr Ticino.See also Giornico
These are the churches San Michele and San Nicola in Giornico, Ticino. I was on an ebike tour in the Ticino.See also  Giornico
Here you see the Biaschina and the old road, the Gotthard railway line and the highway with its impressive bridges going north and south on the Gotthard line.Here the railway uses two helical tunnels to gain height.See also  Gotthard Railway
This is the end point of my Ticino ebike tour. I wait at Airolo station for the train to Zurich. You might find the ebike shadow on the ground. the ebike itself you can not see. There is still a lot of snow laying beside the rails.A helicopter fle...