Longwood Conservatories

Stereo views in the magnificent glasshouses at Longwood Gardens near Philadelphia. Botanical info at https://plantexplorer.longwoodgardens.org/ecmweb/ECM_Home.html

This section of Longwood's main conservatory houses a variety of silvery grey-green desert dwellers.
This section of the Longwood Conservatories features several hundred rain forest species, notably the princess vine whose hanging roots dominate this photo.  
From the path along the North edge of Longwood's East Conservatory, you can see glimpses of the pools and waterfalls, but the main focus is on lush tropical vegetation.
The terrace at the West end of the East Conservatory gives a fine view over the water works and tropical vegetation.
The East Conservatory at Longwood Gardens is a huge water garden under glass.  This is the doorway connecting it to the Exhibition Hall.  
Standing at this spot between two magnificent rooms of the Longwood Gardens conservatories, it is hard to shake the feeling that one is Louis XIV.
This splendid collection of orchids shares a small greenhouse with Longwood's banana trees.  A justly popular spot.
The Exhibition Hall is home to magnificent Bougainvillea vines and some well matched palms.  The floor is typically flooded so that it reflects the rest of the room; but they also hold banquets here.
One of my favorite spots in the Longwood Consrvatories is this lush stand of banana trees.  They don't fruit because our season is too short, but in summer the feeling is definitely tropical.
This magnificent big glass house could house tall trees.  Nowadays it holds a lawn, shrubs, bedding plants and hanging baskets.