Rome at Random

Stereoscopic views of various places in Rome, taken toward the end of June, 2017

The traffic hub of the Eternal City.  Across the piazza, the remarkable Basilica of Saint Mary of the Angels and Martyrs, built inside the ruins of Diocletian's Baths.
The beautiful boat-shaped fountain at the bottom of the Spanish Steps is the work of the Berninis.  It gets a lot of wear and tear and has been restored 4 times.  Here's hoping that continues forever.
This hillside spot under the shade of a tall pine is a good place to contemplate the Roman Colosseum in comparative peace.  
At the corner of Panisperna and Boschetto, in the Monti section of Rome, I found a building more than half covered by an exuberant vine.  Romans love their vines, but this is really over the top; especially considering that the city was already in...
The goat-man was sculpted in antiquity, and has been reclining behind his small fountain since 1581.  Romans have always called him "the baboon", today the upscale shopping street on which he resides is Via del Babuino.