Stereoscopic Spheres

A collection of stereoscopic panoramas. To see them in 3D, visit them in a Virtual Reality viewer. Google cardboard is OK, but an open-frame viewer like Goggle Tech or Wearality Sky is much better because 360 Cities supports finger-pan and pinch-zoom, i

This fine stand of stinging nettles lives in an obscure corner of Wissahickon Park, where I often walk my dogs.  Stereoscopic panorama created with PT3D.  
Philadelphia's Reading Terminal Market has everything a food fanatic could desire -- now including bag-grown exotic mushrooms. Stereoscopic 3D panorama from 2 rows of 6 views with diagonal fish-eye lens, stitched with PTGui + PT3D.
This is the final stitch of a stereo panorama shot last summer at the entrance to Quebec's grand hotel, Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac.  Still not perfect, but as close as it is going to get.
Late afternoon, late Summer, yellow light on old tree.   Stereoscopic panorama from 2 rows of 8 views with full-frame fish-eye lenses.
One of the landmarks of Fairmount Park in Northwest Philadelphia is a sewer line that originates in Chestnut Hill and traversese most of the 7 miles of the Wissahickon Creek gorge.  There is a trail on top of it, with dramatic rounded concrete bri...
A field planted with tall grasses in Philadelphia's Wissahickon Park, mid- September 2015.  Later in the year, deer will bed here and crush a lot of it, but for now it is all upright.  I like the warm yellow-brown colors and the way the sun flares...
A group of school kids on the Terasse Dufferin, kind of at loose ends while waiting for the adults to arrive.   I expect they were going to ride the Funicular down to the St. Lawrence -- I wish I had done that.  Stereoscopic panorama shot from a p...
Stereoscopic panorama from the rocks near Jamestown, Rhode Island.  Shortly after taking it I slipped and fell into the sea with all my gear; many thanks to an unknown pair of extreme kayakers for helping me climb out.  Miraculously, I was able to...
I have decided to publish this stereoscopic panorama in spite of its considerable imperfections, because it is such a strong image.
On summer evenings the place to be in Quebec City is the Grande Allee section of Boulevard Laurier.  A snapshot stereo panorama, 6 shots around from a pole. 
A "live" panorama -- my favorite kind -- shot from a monopd at Weavers Way Coop in Mount Airy.  The gentleman making faces had recently retired as the manager of the Coop, to run a big nonprofit food bank in Philaelphia.
Ron Labaye relaxing in Studio 3D, aka the Church of the Third Dimension, in Maynard, MA.  Ron lives, works and keeps his amzing collection of 3D gear and images in this former church in a classic Massachusetts mill town.
Under a highway near the river in Prague, summer of 2015.  My first successful panorama taken with a stereo pair of cameras (Sony NEX-5n, Samyang 7.5mm, 8 shots around).
Trashmeister Randy Dalton's artistic credo was "Do Blue", and his atelier/lounge/community center in West Philadelphia embodies it.  This is a medium resolution stereoscopic panorama composed from 24 photos.
A replica of L'Hermione, the French frigate that brought LaFayette to Philadelphia (several times) visited us in the summer oif 2015.  I shot this stereo panorama from a tall pole off her starboard quarter.  My technique was not so good at that ti...