Temples of Baalbek - Heliopolis

Situated some 85 km northeast of Beirut, Baalbek is named after the phoenician god "Baal". Declared a World Heritage Site, the temples still tower over the city today. The site is also referred as Heliopolis, the City of the Sun.

Baalbek is home to the largest most intact Roman temples in the world.
The Temple of Bacchus only lacks the roof. From 63 BC onwards, an army of slaves worked some 200 years, yet the complex was never fully completed.
Entering the temple of Bacchus is like stepping back in time, instantly...
The magnifient temple of Bacchus, with amazing details on the ceiling and a view on the Temple of Jupiter.
Robert Wood wrote in 1751 about the site : "The ruins must be part of the boldest plan ever attempted in architecture".
Towering over Baalbek, the Roman temple complex is considered the world’s largest and most intact. Temple of Jupiter: The temples 22-m high columns dwarf the 7.5 meter-high pillars of the Acropolis in Athens Temple of Bacchus: Used as a fort in Ma...
Built on top of older phoenician remains, the Temple of Jupiter measured 250x150 meters, it consisted of 54 giant pillars, six of which are still standing.