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Shangqiu City - Zhuang regret Hall

The strong regret hall located at the Shangqiu old city north gate, the maturity wrote books for end of the Ming dynasty talented person Hou Fangyu place, after was bright three dark five, settings out, package, high and low two hard Shan Shi constructed. The high and low penetration's four row of columns and 88 the line constructs a wooden matrix, the wall installs the blue brick, the roof panel ridge tile. The ridge has the blue beastly capping. In the room has the wooden screen great distance. The windows and doors ornamental engraving picks out the line, column relief Longfeng. This building appears Qing Dynasty artisan excellent to construct all over the body to build art. The strong regret hall first 20 meters place have five halls, the architectural style and the strong regret hall are the same. Hou Fangyu (1618-1655 years), the character faces the ancestor, the number snowflake, the Shangqiu person, clear at the beginning of prose everybody. Grandfather Hou Zhipu is Ming Dynasty too Chang Shi the minister, father Hou Xunwei end of the Ming dynasty household Shangshu, father's younger brother Hou Kewei the bright Nanjing Imperial Academy offers a sacrifice to the liquor. The period of five days holds pu, Hou Xun, Hou Kedu is the progressive east forest party leader, is unable to co-exist with Wei Zhongxian's eunuch clique.

Of the strong regret hall, for the Chinese classical famous drama "Peach blossom Fan" of Hou Fangyu the leading character, end of the Ming dynasty four big talented people constructed. Strong regret hall grave elegant, antique. Above five keels the shape is unique, the posture varies wonderful beast alone elegant demeanor. In the building the windows and doors and the standard fan's ornamental engraving picks out the line to be fine. on 26 columns the Longfeng relief is lifelike. A column the wooden structure day which gathers with 62 crossbeam ingenious buckles becomes quite the same as, causes the building internal skeleton shape to become a perfect whole, even if takes down four walls, the building hall was still safe and sound, the construction skill makes one exclaim over. The marvelous design and the exquisite technique make the innumerable skilled craftsmen to subdue.

Copyright: Jacky Cheng
Typ: Spherical
Upplösning: 5504x2752
Taken: 01/10/2007
Uppladdad: 05/01/2010
Uppdaterad: 03/03/2015


Tags: henan
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