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Port of Nice

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The Harbour Lympia was begun in 1749 conducted by the military engineer Antonio-Felice Devincenti (Torino, on 1690-1778) which enlarges and deepens the marshy lake fed by the river Lympia. Opened to navigation in November, 1751, it is only a modest shelter which will have to be spread and dredged until 1761. The Torino's architect Ignatius count of Tavigliano plans to encircle it with a new city centered on a large Royal Place, plan which will be abandoned. In 1770, the first basin is ended. The engineer Filippo Nicolis count of Robilante undertakes to dig the internal basin but the harbour will remain incomplete, without docks. It is only in 1880 only he will attain his final dimensions; its finishing dates from the beginning of the century. Various enlargement concerning the outer harbour, the last around 1975, allowed him to receive the biggest ferryboats, improving links with Corsica (more than 500 000 passengers a year).