National stadium (bird nest)

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Zunhua Erlangmiao 1-Main Hall

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Second son temple (Tsunhwa): the second son temple is in the clear Dongling mausoleum area the only temple. When the Qing Dynasty builds Dongling, is the town lives in south the temple “the monkey mountain”, guarantees the mausoleum area to construct peacefully. After the Qing Dynasty perishes, is destroyed, in 1992 duplicate constructed by the clear Dongling cultural relic administrative office, in the temple consecrates has Erlang Shen, Lu Zu, the Duke Guan and the good fortune auspiciousness four gods. After the temple, expands “hundred halls for worshipping buddha” according to the Malanyu imperial family 72 temples, consecrates has the Buddha, the Goddess of Mercy, the arhat and so on various gods, since the opening to the outside world the incense and candle has been exuberant.