'Old England' Building

The Old England building is one of the nicest Art-nouveau buildings in Brussels, which contains the Musical Instruments Museum (MIM). In this exceptional setting, the MIM exhibits some 1,500 instruments in a high-quality showcase that will delight all visitors: instruments reveal themselves on four floors, as well as a story based on a hundred or so different topics. At the lower ground floor, a collection centred on the 19th and 20th centuries s...(more)
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Coudenberg with view to lower city

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Coudenberg or Koudenberg (older Dutch for cold hill) is a small hill in Brussels where the Palace of Coudenberg was built.For nearly 700 years, the Castle and then the Palace of Coudenberg were the seat of government of the counts, dukes, archdukes, kings, emperors and governors who from the 11th century until its destruction in 1731, exerted their sovereignty over the area of the Duchy of Brabant, now in the southern Netherlands and northern Belgium.