Travellers Hostel

Legions of backpackers have passed through these hallowed hallways. If we could have testemonials on the site this page would go on forever. From every corner of the world they have come. It's a solid hostel, let's leave it at that except for a few other notes: It's located right upstairs from >, which gives you both a dance club and a FREE internet cafe/bar/art gallery, ok? And then next door to Roxy is >, a great middle eastern restaurant...(more)
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Roxy - NoD


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No Deception

This bar looks great in that Post-Industrial Giant Recycled Scraps kind of way. The tables and barstools are exactly what tables and barstools should be - eye-catching, multi-purpose (one can only image what the other purpose might be), indestructable. Most of the cast-iron bits were surely cogs in a factory that hasn't existed for decades.

NoD isn't only a decent bar to recline, vegetate, drink beer, or surf the free wifi. The gallery and experimental theatre have held some weird and wonderful evenings, however -- The last show I saw here was Battleship Potemkin with a live soundtrack of unlikely yet fantastic music.

And of course, the club downstairs is the stuff of legend.