Finland, Europe
About Janne


* Nikon D800, Nikon D200 was in use until late 2012 and till 2010 I used a D40.

* Samyang 14mm f2.8, I've been looking for good FX fisheye for some time now.

* Pixel wireless trigger, quite good considering the price tag of around 20 euros or so.

* DIY panohead mounted on SLIK's 300DX tripod. From 09/2011 onwards I'll be shooting with Pano-Maxx panorama head.


* Stitching: Hugin, the panorama stitcher. I also do exposure bracketing a lot and Hugin's Enfuse integration helps me there.

* Raw development: RawTherapee, usually one of the latest development versions.

* Post-processing: PS CS6, earlier I used GIMP but the lack of 16bit editing was frustrating. Sadly Photoshop doesn't seem to have many good free plugins, everything's payware.

My photostream on Flickr can be found at flickr.com/jannefoo and my blog (in Finnish) can be found at pallopanoraama.blogspot.com.