former medieval prison

Medieval prison building comes probably from the mid-fourteenth century, when it is mentioned the name of the street and pay the prison guards. Was intended to lower the status of prisoners and sentenced to death, which was carried away on executions. Currently, this brick building with an inner courtyard, where formerly there were stocks. The oldest is the northern part, then added in two stages of the east and west, and the latest is the southern part of the decorative frieze of the fifteenth century. Here in the sixteenth century on the first floor was the chapel. On the right side of the entrance to the courtyard, in part, that after the destruction of the walls in the eighteenth century, became the arcade was a transitional cell for prisoners.

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Tags: wroclaw; medieval; prison; building; poland; monument; gothic; architecture
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Wrocław was the historical capital of Silesia. Over the centuries, the city has been part of either Poland, Bohemia, Austria, Prussia, or Germany. Since 1945 it has been part of Poland.source: wikipedia