Katoomba Station

Katoomba is a tourist destination in the Blue Mountains and is just two hours by train from Sydney. The nearby Jamison Valley has fabulous views across it from Echo Point and many superb walks. I took a short bus ride from Katoomba town to Echo Point. Here there are views across the valley and the Three Sisters from the lookouts. If you have a head for heights (I have not), you can go down the Giants Stairway. I have done this on two previous visits and it involves descending a 1000 feet down 800 steps that are mainly on a metal stairway attached to the side of the sheer cliff face. After recovery at the bottom, you can walk a few kilometres along a track through the forest to the foot of the Scenic Railway. The scenic railway shoots you back up to the top of the cliff, where you can take the Prince Henry Cliff Walk back to Echo Point (or there is a bus if you run out of energy).

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