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New Brunswick, Parlee Brook, Friars Nose

Friar's Nose is a rock exposed top of the mountain with a magnificent view looking south into a valley. It is located off Arnold's Hollow Road, off of Parlee Brook Road in the Waterford area of southern New Brunswick. The hike to the nose is all uphill with an elevation of 296 meters at the top. The trail is wide enough to travel by ATV. While I was up here with my nephews we searched for a geocache hidden near by.

My grandfather was a Friars, a decedent of Simon Friars a Loyalist that fled New York after allegedly blowing up a powder magazine. He then swam the Hudson river and made his way to Ward's Creek, New Brunswick, just south of Sussex. Where he was one of the first white settlers to the area, arriving before 1789. In 1798 he purchased 212 acres of land and In 1815 he received a land grant of 330 acres. Many of his descendents settled in the area of Ward's Creek and Waterford.

When I inquired of my mother where exactly the name Friars Nose came from, she pointed at her own nose and said she had a Friars Nose, which she inherited from her Father. My nose is similar too.

Copyright: Jim watters
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Updated: 21/07/2014


Tags: new brunswick; parlee brook; wards creek; waterford; mountain; friars nose; trail; hiking; walking; trees; lookout; atv
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