Wendelstein weather station

The Wendelstein is a 1,838-metre (6,030-foot) high mountain in the Bavarian Alps in South Germany. The top is easy to access from the valley villages of Brannenburg (100 years old rack railway) and Osterhofen (cable car) as well as by two drag lifts. The mountain itself is accessible and heavily built, which attracts the tourists. Most of them go back down with the last railway/cable car, which depart at 17.00, so wait until evening and you are quite alone up there. Be prepared for a long hike down to the valley, though. 

On the summit of the Wendelstein there is a weather station belonging to the German Meterological Office, which was manned around the clock until it was closed, ostensibly due to public savings, in September 2012. However, gossips are around saying that the station would have delivered genuine climate change data that documented a permanent cooling instead of warming, and therefore does not correspond to the official propaganda, and therefore it had to be closed. This marked the end of meteorological observation on the mountain, which were dated back to 1804. 

There is also an observatory on the top, founded 1939 for military reasons, since 1949 belonging to the University of Munich.

Excerpts used from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wendelstein_(mountain)

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