River Rapids Rock Sphere New Caledonia
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パノラマを撮影したのは Richard Chesher PRO EXPERT MAESTRO 撮影日 01:42, 09/01/2012 - Views loading...

River Rapids Rock Sphere New Caledonia

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There are a couple of mysteries about this sphere image. One mystery I know the answer to (but you don't) and one I have not figured out.

What I can't work out concerns the size and shape of this enormous round rock perched on the bank of the Riviere Bleue de Prony in southern New Caledonia. The river rapids pass right next to it and during really heavy rains the river does get moving pretty fast. But I can't imagine it was ever such a torrent as to grind this big rock into a round shape like it was a little river pebble. Or, for that matter, to roll it here from somewhere upstream. I know it is really heavy because there are lots of smaller versions around here and they look and feel like they are nearly pure iron. Iron ore is, in fact, a very important component of this part of Grande Terre. The strip miners of the 1950s to the 1960s came very close to this river and may soon return to level all this, maybe breaking up and trucking away this gorgeous rock. But meanwhile it is amazing to wonder how on earth it ever got there.

The other mystery is how do you think I took this image? Where was I? Not hovering over the rapids? This image is one of the first I have taken with my new GoPro Hero2 . This little wonder camera is tiny, weighs next to nothing, has a 170 degree fish-eye lens, and takes 11 megapixel images once every two seconds (or whatever interval I set it to). I plan to use it as I did in this image to compose the sphere photos from locations that would be otherwise impossible for me to take the image from. Have another look at this sphere image and see if you can solve the mystery of where I was when I took the photo.

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ニューカレドニアはオーストラリアとニュージーランドに最も近い南太平洋島です。ニューカレドニアはフランス領であり、フランス語が公用語として使われておりますが、文化はメラネシア、ヨーロッパ、ポリネシア、ベトナム、中国、インドネシア等多くの国の歴史をブレンドした国際的でユニークな文化を築いております。ニューカレドニアには、グランドテールと呼ばれる1つの大きな山の様な島と6つの小さい島があります。– 3つのロイヤルティー諸島、ベレップ諸島、イルデパン島