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That's ya a cow right there.

Published 2 days ago by Joe Griffin

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A cow near a water wheel. 

The blue cow of Roncq

Published 7 months ago by Franck Masschelein

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After the pink hippopotamus (, it's now a blue cow that has just been in<a href="">...(more)</a>

The Waiting at World Dairy Expo 2013

Published 9 months ago by Tim Radl

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Guernsey Cows awaiting this seemingly strange activity.... Just inside the Coliseum at World Dairy Expo 2013. Alliant Energy Center, Madison, Wisconsin.

Spherical Cows 10 Panorama

Published 9 months ago by Erik Bjers

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OK so the cows arn't actually spherical but I thought the title was good since the main subject of the sphere is the field of cows. 


Published 11 months ago by Markus Freitag

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