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Mars Gigapixel Panorama - Curiosity rover: Martian solar days 136-149
Out of this World

NASA's Mars Exploration Program (Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech)

4 billion pixels panorama of Mars

The images for panorama obtained by the two rover's Mast Cameras:

  • Narrow Angle Camera (NAC), which has a 100 mm focal length
  • Medium Angle Camera (MAC), which has a 34 mm focal length

The mosaic, which stretches 90000x45000 pixels, includes 295 images from NAC taken on Sols 136-149 and 112 images from MAC taken on Sol 137.

Copyright: Andrew Bodrov
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 90000x45000
Taken: 06/01/2013
Uploaded: 27/02/2013
Updated: 15/04/2015


Tags: curiosity; rover; mars; sol 136; sol 149; nasa; jpl-caltech; mars panorama; red planet; out_of_this_world; gigapixel; @tags-mars-panorama
  • TeDeusBellum 8 months ago
    great job, thanks!
  • Eric Coñequir 9 months ago
    The Desolation Absolute. It is a ghost planet, there are millions.
  • Dick Waud 10 months ago
    Looks like a real intelligent shadow master; in too deep with the black degrees, has tracked an ancient Cabal trying to cover up their secret existence on Mars.
  • Dmitriy Guzheyedov 10 months ago
    come on! Bad pixels usually purple (in the dark) or whitе (by the day). But ain't black.
  • Dmitriy Guzheyedov 10 months ago
    I've always wondered why it is so necessary to fly to Mars or even any planets in our solar system? What is there to catch,,, because there is nothing, or engineers need work or this is a job security! Or someone hoping to find there lost pile of gold or diamonds!? So then it would be a seen or noticed or quietly went there. We all have plenty of work onto planet "The Earth"... It's ain't finished yet! :-)
  • Guest 10 months ago
  • SanctamScientiam 12 months ago
    Be polite please. Insults are unwise.
  • SanctamScientiam 12 months ago
    Be polite please. Thank you.
  • SanctamScientiam 12 months ago
    An inspiring story. Good to see a true emotional reaction given all the work it took to put that thing there. Please continue to be curious about science despite certain INTP types who do not understand the God part.
  • SanctamScientiam 12 months ago
    I find your enthusiasm encouraging. Continue to study science.
  • Altaf Patel about 1 year ago
    may be Afghanistan...!
  • Altaf Patel about 1 year ago
    hehe. nice catch !!!
  • Filip over 1 year ago
    Waw, this rover must be really very heavy to have broken those rocks on it's pad!
  • Reaper over 1 year ago
  • cyclops over 1 year ago
    Fossil on Mars!!!
  • gravityreverse010 over 1 year ago
    Check out my YouTube videos "Dead Martians" and "Mars RockNest Artifacts" you will see real dead martians and other Mars artifacts. I found them within the "Billion Pixel View from Curiosity at RockNest" panorama
  • DemonnPrincess over 1 year ago
    So cool. I like how I can see the little rover thing when I look all the way down.とてもかっこいいと思う。このサイトに他の惑星があるかな。。。
  • DemonnPrincess over 1 year ago
    You don't have to be rude. And no, being on the internet does not mean you're allowed to be rude.(go on, attack me)
  • jcl over 1 year ago
    LOL what do you think curiosity is doing on mars... Taking rock samples maybe?
  • damian over 1 year ago
    donde puedo descargar esta imagen de marte
  • damian over 1 year ago
    where I can download?
  • shinypoet over 1 year ago
    you are dumber than a box of rocks!!!! or are you tripping???many funky things?in your hamper?
  • shinypoet over 1 year ago
    I'm feeling differently than I'm used to. Oh! that's because I've fallen in love with Molly!
  • shinypoet over 1 year ago
    there's a dead cat in there! you just had to look didn't you?
  • DepUTee almost 2 years ago
    Go back to where you saw that and look straight up at the guy who fell down the hill, his head fell off above it. Looks also like maybe a child and a dog near by. What do you use to take snapshots?
  • DepUTee almost 2 years ago
    dumb ass.
  • DepUTee almost 2 years ago
    Look for the obvious fossilized animals, there are many. One area looks like a wharf with a ruined ship and an obvious round shiny bouy (sp?) with a loop on the top. See the many square cuts that look like doors in the bigger rocks. Look for teeth, spines and heads, some bodies are complete or sticking up out of the ground.
  • DepUTee almost 2 years ago
    This one is a mystery but it certainly does not look like a rock.
  • DepUTee almost 2 years ago
    Don't bother praying for us.
  • javier almost 2 years ago
    original message to NASA... they never replyed.... On the magnificent billion pixels panoramic picture there is a dark object visible at maximum zoom above the left climbing slope of mount Sharp; I followed the slope of the mountain until I happen to go by and see it. Possible explanations: 1- A pixel malfunction/aberration 2- Flying object (?), 3- You guys have a drone checking out the final destination of curiosity and want to keep it secret (good idea) 4- Who knows!
  • Saín almost 2 years ago
    Sencillamente espectacular la panorámica del planeta rojo.
  • Amys7 almost 2 years ago
    how do you move?
  • Formax almost 2 years ago
    Its a perfect box
  • Formax almost 2 years ago
    its master Yoda!
  • Guest almost 2 years ago
    Found a Owl
  • Formax almost 2 years ago
    I found a peace of gold. Its shining
  • Formax almost 2 years ago
    It's a turtle
  • EL GABACHO LOCO almost 2 years ago
  • pfitzger almost 2 years ago
    Looks like a something made tracks in a darkened long V area. The object to the left could have made the tracks, expired, leaked fluids and then dust covered the tracks from the V area to the now stationary object. Could it have been a life form once ?
  • pfitzger almost 2 years ago
    I have seen the same shaped black spot in multiple Images. My conclusion is its either dust on a lense or damaged image pixels.
  • Anumakonda Jagadeesh almost 2 years ago
    Excellent. Dr.A.Jagadeesh Nellore(AP),India
  • PineappleLord almost 2 years ago
    I have never seen a more beautiful dried river.
  • Ben almost 2 years ago
    It's just a JAWA that got lost in a sand storm and can't find the Sand-Crawler.
  • Ben almost 2 years ago
    The rover was named curiosity for a reason...right. So, I was curious and found a black splotch on a rock. Anyone have an idea as to what it could be or might be? It looks like (oh...hold on, i have to kill this mosquito...okay) It looks like liquid or glass!
  • Dylan Donsky almost 2 years ago
    Luc room 3.38 km, FROM FREAKING MARS!?!?!?
  • Jorge Madrowicz almost 2 years ago
    Molly thanks,thousend of thank for your explanation
  • Andrew Bodrov almost 2 years ago
    Кнопка FULLSCREEN в левом верхнем углу панорамы
  • ganeev_al almost 2 years ago
    а на весь экран сделать можно?
  • Knut Holt almost 2 years ago
    Why not dig a litttle in this mud and show us what may be hidden under the crust.
  • Knut Holt almost 2 years ago
    Fantastic!!! Mars has yellow dried mud.
  • Knut Holt almost 2 years ago
    There must be more interesting things to show us than a lot of dried mud, there must.
  • Ray Wenzel almost 2 years ago
    Almost as amazing as roaming the surface of Mars with a very well equipped(HIGH DEF cameras!) and badass rover, are the "amazingly" retarded comments here on this page. From one end of the intelligence spectrum to the other. We humans are FKing brilliant enough to explore the solar system, yet ignorant enough to make the ridiculous claims and comments like those I've read here... ugh
  • Ray Wenzel almost 2 years ago
    yep, they're rocks.... weird, I know.
  • Ray Wenzel almost 2 years ago
    Another Richard C. Hoagland protege.... ugh
  • Starstepper almost 2 years ago
    Who's evaluating these images? PhD's or regular untrained bozos.
  • Jimbo almost 2 years ago
    yh yh keep it in church buddy
  • Meezorp Trulak almost 2 years ago
    What's the deal with the sudden wall of haze as we get a certain distance from the camera?
  • Thomas Langley almost 2 years ago
    striations along the edges of recurring shapes. erosion cannot duplicate shapes such as these.
  • JOkoth almost 2 years ago
    Your powers of misunderstanding statements are faultless. There, you got your trophy. And no, twit, god didn't create mars either.
  • JOkoth almost 2 years ago
    I'll leave you to your delusions. Call me when reason finds a home in your mind.
  • Sean Tay almost 2 years ago
    People, please. There is no water or significant life on Mars' surface; although there may be microorganisms underground. There used to be water there: that's for certain, and maybe life, but probably not.
  • Sean Tay almost 2 years ago
    He was talking about Mars being God's creation, not the rover... -_-
  • Jase almost 2 years ago
    The Rovers work?? anyone?
  • DemonicWaffle almost 2 years ago
    This rock!
  • JJosephDaniel Smith almost 2 years ago
    Again please,,take into consideration Bruce,,the gravity of mars plus there is wind force,,,although I would love to see some numbers on this wind-force,,converted to Earth normal of course (Junior High School Level) a joe in Texas
  • JJosephDaniel Smith almost 2 years ago
    Please remember the gravity.....thanks for participation. a joe in Texas
  • JJosephDaniel Smith almost 2 years ago
    I am afraid you are in for a very bad awakening. God created ALL things.You are in my prayers a joe in Texas
  • Thomas Langley about 2 years ago
    many funky things
  • Thomas Langley about 2 years ago
    to me it seems that various life forms have been "petrified". , that the entire organism instantly turned stone like....
  • xego about 2 years ago
    anyone know what this is? i think the rover was in that area, but not sure about the objects.
  • Thomas Langley about 2 years ago
    oh, and wth is this?
  • Thomas Langley about 2 years ago
    there are large scatterings of fossils. most are similar to dinosaur fossils, . specific shapes of individual bones, Haversian canals, fossils can be made from minerals that would turn out to be much more durable than the surrounding matrix material, therefore lasting much longer when natural rock has eroded away. check out the shape of some dinosaur bone fossils and then look back....
  • Bruce M Campbell about 2 years ago
    Why, once people have looked at this panorama, is there any further discussion about liquid water once being on Mars? The regolith is clearly sedimentary. The cracked slabs are so very familiar to anyone who has seen dried mud. There are ridges of sedimentary deposits everywhere. What other model of creating such geologic structures could possibly exist? Occam’s razor, anyone? Why all the breathy MSM headlines about liquid water on Mars?
  • AmericanMuse about 2 years ago
    Jeez! Those ads at the bottom of the panorama are quite annoying. Can't seem to remove them.
  • pablo about 2 years ago
    popatrz w lewo od kamienia w kóleczku ,widać twarz, z której wychodzą skrzydła(powiększ sobie zdjęcie)a tak to ciekawe czy NASA pokazuje prawdę czy robą fotomontaż??
  • ValDeMar about 2 years ago
    We are watched by Marsoids!
  • Michael about 2 years ago
    There was a river! I see there a long and huge grey River trough , do you see this? and a place where stand curiosity has regular Laying "floor" with stones but maybe its some kind od illusion :)
  • Roland about 2 years ago
    Outtakes 2 of outtake 1: downloadthe smaller picture and enlarge with windows fax and photo viewer or any other SW Center of picture, someone left a box or something else symmetric on mars to corrode ... some years ago ;-)
  • Steven Williams about 2 years ago
    How awesome. We need to attach a drone to the next lander and launch it for further exploration. Wow maybe the president will think twice before cutting the NASA budget. Right. Outstanding work.
  • herik about 2 years ago
    la tecnologia es impresionante...personas comunes podemos ver...lo que cuesta millones de dolares realizar...
  • Jorge Andres Merino Santander about 2 years ago
    Best Party ever in mars! :D hahaha
  • Tech Bloggers about 2 years ago
    A real Mars-Dino! Or not?
  • Maciej about 2 years ago
    Czy to jest złoto?
  • Mark about 2 years ago
    Very fragile rocks, once broken reveal greenish structure. On Earth such a fragile rock with greenish color is limestone only. Maybe there was a live on Mars?
  • RALFI about 2 years ago
    na fail!!!
  • TLS about 2 years ago
    Nobody ever wondered about the track running north west at almost full zoom (just below the first rocky rim). You can follow this for quite a long way .. maybe from the rover ... but only maybe.... :-)
  • Ignacio Mariotti about 2 years ago
    porque estan alterados intencionalmente los colores? (se porque, estaria bueno que lo admitan....)
  • Martin Hansen about 2 years ago
    Man sees every Steinchen. Awesome!
  • HUGO ALEJANDRO RANGEL VALDEZ about 2 years ago
  • SCOF about 2 years ago
  • joe about 2 years ago
    muy bueno
  • Mr. Klondike about 2 years ago
    Почему марс опять сделали красным, всем ясно что он серый! посмотрите фото корябля
  • airwar about 2 years ago
    Nearly the same distance and size. The remains of the spacecraft :D
  • airwar about 2 years ago
    6 geometrical segments
  • Christmas Snow about 2 years ago
    I've checked again these black dots you marked as "Sasquatch" in the picture and they appear at roughly the same altitude. Could these be a grid of "reference" dots transmitted along with the picture? They appear to be the same size and color and equally distant!
  • Christmas Snow about 2 years ago
    There are three of these on the same mountain, roughly the same size and color. Few that are less conspicuous are seen elsewhere. Different rock, possibly meteorites.
  • trööt about 2 years ago
    that´s C3-PO on Tattoine
  • airwar about 2 years ago
  • airwar about 2 years ago
    evidence of drilling
  • 이호은 about 2 years ago
  • Jerry about 2 years ago
    most likely just an ancient canal, with all the theories today about water on mars. well thats what i thnk anyway.
  • Wondering about 2 years ago
    Is this a sea shell? Not an expert but wonder about the regular curves in the formation.
  • Tristan Boreale about 2 years ago
    Alien ? Is-it a snake ?
  • Tristan Boreale about 2 years ago
    An another perfect shape 90°
  • Arik Nir about 2 years ago
    Something is off in this Panorama, there is a man made feature on the ground! In Mars?
  • John S. about 2 years ago
    Great pictures!! When will we see video?? Just wish the scientists decided to put a microphone on Curiosity!!!!
  • Bob Stuart about 2 years ago
  • airwar about 2 years ago
    perfect geometric shape
  • airwar about 2 years ago
    Martian grandfather
  • s about 2 years ago
  • SecretPancake about 2 years ago
    Worst paint skills ever
  • Abderraouf Guembour (Algeria) about 2 years ago
    good job every body, that's really awesome, it's like i'm on mars and i'm walking on it's surface, it's great really great, thank you
  • Neal A. Gray about 2 years ago
    I spent a lot of time messing with this....amazing...I saw this...
  • María about 2 years ago
    Awesome! Hard to believe thet it is so far and so near.
  • Nick Simkin about 2 years ago
  • Viacheslav Filippov about 2 years ago
    anyway it looks like an bottom of an lake or ocean but dried out
  • Viacheslav Filippov about 2 years ago
    it is a Lounched Soviet cat there
  • doctorevil about 2 years ago
    Stunning! thank u for ur great work
  • Antares about 2 years ago
    How did these flakes bits get tilted up with pebbles underneath them?
  • Eduardo Flores about 2 years ago
    is chuck norris
  • Larry Gomez about 2 years ago
    What an amazing photo. Standing on Mars in absolute virtuality.
  • JOkoth about 2 years ago
    god didn't create the rover mate.
  • matrix145 about 2 years ago
    What is this object?
  • Smerr about 2 years ago
    At this position again: days-136-149#92.62,-1.06,5.0 Maybe this is something interesting mineral or higher concentration of salt or salty substance. Or Martian dinosaur bone piece possible.
  • Smerr about 2 years ago
    Actually at this position: days-136-149#75.26,-0.89,5.0
  • Smerr about 2 years ago
    At 2 o clock 50min position there is weird shiny object maybe some UFO fuel tank piece!? ...
  • Laura Dz about 2 years ago
    Absolutely AWESOME!! Mars ♥
  • Bob Stuart about 2 years ago
    On the first triangular, flat segment of surface away from the rover, roughly pointed to by the "Y" in CURIOSITY, there are two features. One looks like a pair of headphones, and the other might be the same thing curled up to overlap the ends.
  • Janek about 2 years ago
    niesamowite-pierwsze wrażenie jakie miałbym napisac-wygląda jakby naprawde tam było kiedyś życie
  • tempedan about 2 years ago
    I bet the technicians who built this vehicle worked really hard to keep it clean, and now there's dirt all over it!
  • Henry about 2 years ago
    Imagen bastante curiosa, bastante...
  • Henry about 2 years ago
    Imagen curiosa, bien curiosa...
  • LesB about 2 years ago
    Mars is a blast. Wish you were here. -Curiosity
  • Christopher Carr about 2 years ago
    Yeah, if the nucleus hits Mars (which is really very unlikely), you lose the rovers. Definitely worth it, though, from a science perspective.
  • Todd Ruhter about 2 years ago
    Wow, just wow! I am almost sure I am not going to be around long enough to be able to step foot on Mars and I often worry I won't live long enough to see another human do it either but in the mean time, THANKS! Thanks NASA and JPL, thanks to the person or people who made this look at the surface available and in such stunning clarity! I am awed!
  • Jay Stern about 2 years ago
    This sure looks like sedimentary rock -- mudstone. No tilting to speak of so unlikely that there is or was tectonic activity on Mars. The location is supposed to be a crater, I believe. I would have expected to see glassy material resulting from heating from whatever hit. I'll bet there are fossils below the surface waiting to be found.
  • Mitzi Better Late about 2 years ago
    to the last sentence I can only say WOW and, these pictures are amazing.
  • Mitzi Better Late about 2 years ago
    still looks like a dried up riverbed to me
  • Mystery Guest about 2 years ago
    Here She is...!
  • Mystery Guest about 2 years ago
    A couple of degrees off due North to the East, full zoom, beyond rock ledges in distant foreground, looks like a lynx or some kind of wildcat sunning himself...!
  • Molly Delaney about 2 years ago
    It's a basin. I can't tell what the scale is. 8 feet deep? Dried mud on the bottom.
  • Jeff about 2 years ago
    Wonderful job to the girls and guys involved in this project. Very cool to see another planet this way. Thank you.
  • Molly Delaney about 2 years ago
    Remember how little those rocks weigh. Moving water still has its full momentum laterally, but much less force holding it down. Get a foot deep of water in here and it will be roaring around, and push those rocks like balsa wood.
  • Bob B. about 2 years ago
    This is so wild. Thanks so much for posting this panoramic view. I hope this breathes new life into the space exploration program. I have spent hours perusing this and I have no plans of stopping.
  • Molly Delaney about 2 years ago
    It was a slosh zone. Think about how water would flow at low gravity. Then take the pressure down to nothing, and the temperature. The back of the picture is highland with chunks of broken apart igneous rock strewn all around. Plus a lot of windblown dust.
  • Molly Delaney about 2 years ago
    The drilling found mudstone sediment, weathered basalt sand, and about 20% gypsum (calcium sulfate sludge evaporated). Here's a couple things. Water on Mars still has its mass, so far as momentum, but only a fraction its Earth weight. Somewhat difficult to visualize. Shallow water flowing by gravity will creep slowly. Deep water once moving will have tremendous lateral force. Ocean storms on Mars would have been ferocious. Instead of waves lapping at a shoreline, it would be tidal waves roaring up and inundating vast shore areas. Another thing is the transition from high atmospheric pressure over time, to low pressure and low temperature. When most of the water evaporated out into space, it existed on the surface only as ice, which evaporated directly to vapor. The weathering, by water alternating with ice, which you see here, occurred with water acting differently than we are used to, and then went through a fairly rapid change in temperature and pressure over probably less than one billion years. Also there may have been no plate tectonics, which on Earth recycle surfaces. You may be looking at a site which has not changed, except for blowing dust, for 3 billion years.
  • qcubed about 2 years ago
    I would like to see it hit as well, but it would almost certainly mean the demise of Opportunity and Curiosity.
  • medoraleigh about 2 years ago
    I just keep saying, "Wow"...We HAVE to walk on the surface, we just have to!
  • Jim about 2 years ago
    The date appears to be incorrect (lower right) or is NASA even more amazing than I thought!.
  • INVENTOR INVENTED about 2 years ago
    sure looks like an ancient oceanbed.
  • Christopher Carr about 2 years ago
    I imagine they are praying that it does.
  • qcubed about 2 years ago
    Seventy cents per pixel. Finally, we are getting our money's worth. Keep up the good work Nasa and pray that comet doesn't hit Mars next year.
  • Igor about 2 years ago
    Looks like a fossil
  • Tommy Asselin about 2 years ago
    this black pixel anomaly repeats itself at regular intervals on a large part of the panorama, so its probably a dead pixel in the camera sensor.
  • ea1308 about 2 years ago
    its repeating horizontally in equal distances. seems to be dirt in/on the lens.
  • Santino Ortega about 2 years ago
    I dont understand how the big flat rock was displaced. Where did it come from? I dont see a correlating hole where the rock in the middle used to be, but it seems to obviously be a part of the substrate before displacement. Interesting..
  • Santino Ortega about 2 years ago
    Sediment, looks like an old mud bed washed over with loose soil. The shadows in the impression in the middle looks like someone peed there ha ha ha.
  • Jorge Madrowicz about 2 years ago
    hice una nueva ampliacion de la erosion del viento sobre la ladera
  • Jorge Madrowicz about 2 years ago
  • Jorge Madrowicz about 2 years ago
    what i see? water erosion and sediment o wind erosion pero no es mi tema preguntastes y dije lo que veia
  • Jorge Madrowicz about 2 years ago
    a lake of water on marte is not a lake but why it is so flat, the substrate being equal to the mineral drilling, can someone explain me
  • Ramon Rodgers about 2 years ago
    It that just me seeing what I want to see? #37.79,22.10,5.0
  • Jorge Madrowicz about 2 years ago
    erosion por circulacion de gases atmsfericos en la ladera del volcan,abajo se observa el mismo sustrato de la perforacion que hizo el curiosity,alejandose por el valle las rocas no fueron y el sustrato no fueron erosionadas porque alli la velocidad del viento es menor
  • Jorge Madrowicz about 2 years ago
    erosion atmosferica en la ladera del volcan
  • Jorge Madrowicz about 2 years ago
    i am making zoom these picture is fantastic sorry i speak spanish,que foto mas impresionante estoy viendo la erosion que produce el viento en la siperficie de marte y esta foto hay que estudiarla pr años hay muchisima informacion,lamento no tener conocimientos en el tema de mineralogia ,pero veo superficie extremadamente plana la ire a seguir mirando cuando aprenda a "share" lo hare,meti en una zona a ver si veia una superficie liquida,como me gustaria trabajar en la nasa,seguire mirando,los saludo
  • sharprock about 2 years ago
    Here it is closer up!
  • Abdeljawad about 2 years ago
    I cried when curiosity landed there , and now when i saw this picture .amazing , god's creation.
  • kellyocall about 2 years ago
    Cool... I found something else, I think I have been looking too long
  • Dariusz Marciczkiewicz about 2 years ago
    its from the rovers tires if u look around the rover u can see same tire marks up close
  • Kelly O about 2 years ago
    Last One
  • Kelly O about 2 years ago
    a better look
  • Erik Diaz about 2 years ago
    Amazing stitch! I see NavCam images, and do I see some Mahli shots from the self portrait in there as well? That's not easy to stitch images of different resolutions together. From one stitcher (Impreprex) to another - this is amazing!!!! Glad NASA picked you!! :)
  • Kelly O about 2 years ago
    look at this... tell me what you see
  • Tom Teters about 2 years ago
    Wonderful, Wunderbar, Magnifico. Thank you for taking your time to mosaic these images into a Martian Landscape. It's almost like being there!! Think cosmic !! TomT
  • Verbose Gent about 2 years ago
    Need to plug this into an Occulus Rift...
  • Alain Bolduc about 2 years ago
    Fantastic. WOW!!!!
  • Steve Parsons about 2 years ago
    It's a stir stick from a starbucks!
  • Lukáš Václavík about 2 years ago
    Both cameras has 1600x1200 px resolution, that's (295*1600*1200) + (112*1600*1200) = 781,440,000. Five times less than 4 gigapixels. It's still wonderful photo, but could you explain the resolution?
  • The Cosmonaut about 2 years ago
    awesome work! i spotted something interesting:
  • Jim Watters about 2 years ago
    Great stitch Andrew. I too was not able to completely remove the light falloff that happens right to left on the images.
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