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Licensing Your Panoramas
Offering Your Panoramas for Licensing

Making your panoramas available for licensing by default means that you have more opportunities to earn money from your images. You can make your images available for licensing via 360Cities as well our distribution partners simply by enabling the following settings in your account:

Step 1: Go to your account dashboard and click on account settings.

Step 2: Select "Licensing" tab.

Step 3: To make your images available for licensing via 360Cities’ channel and our distribution partner Getty Images, click ‘Yes’ for both options and then ‘Save my choice’.

TIP: PLEASE NOTE that any graphics (name, logo, or other attribution) inside your images and videos dramatically DECREASE the chances that they will be selected for licensing by 360Cities' or our distribution partners' customers. If you're interested in earning royalties from licensing sales, please avoid putting your name and logo inside your images and videos.

Click here here to find out more about our distribution partnerships and what they mean for you.

How to license images for commercial use

Panorama image files are available to license on a rights managed basis. The price depends on the intended use and the length of the license term. If you are interested in licensing any panorama on 360Cities, please use the main contact form in our licensing overview page, and we’ll get right back to you.

Getting Paid When My Panoramas or Videos are Licensed

Royalty payments are sent out at a minimum quarterly via PayPal to your 360Cities account email address. You will receive a notification from PayPal if you have earned a royalty. If any of your images have been licensed in the past, you can see a record of it in your Licensing History, which is displayed by going to the Settings section of your account, and clicking on the Licensing tab.

Royalties are calculated as follows: 40% of the received gross proceeds on sales of image or video licensing rights via 360Cities, and 50% of the received gross proceeds on sales of image or video licensing rights via our distribution partners.

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