Carros De Foc

Alicante, Spain, Europe
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About Carros

Chariots Of Fire is a company founded by Miguel Ángel Martín Bodera, son of a renowed "fallero" artist in Alicante. From the beginning, the company han evolved away from tradition and created a new concept in urban street theatre creating its own unique signature by the use of giant mobile marionettes. In their productions Chariots Of Fire try to emmerse the spectator in a fantastical world of magic whilst trying to convert any urban space in an event that will give unique experience to the public through amazing light effects, image and sound and where the giant mobile marionettes play a significant role and add to the disciplines of different artistics. Since 1994 Chariots Of Fire have amazed millions of people all over the world with productions in Niza, Arles, Saint Raphaël, Clamart - Paris, Chambery, Omernai (FRANCE), Doetinchem (HOLLAND), Pavía (ITALY), Bucarest, Sibiu (ROMANIA), Villa Barquina (PORTUGAL),Rabat (MORROCC), Shanghái, Sheng Tang, Qingdao (CHINA), Santiago de Chile (CHILE). Also covering most of Spain in cities such as Madrid, Valencia, Cádiz, Bilbao, Vitoria, Salamanca, Burgos, León, Guadalajara, Jaén, Jerez, Huesca, Segovia, A Coruña, name but a few.

In 2012 Chariots Of Fire began their tour around China, adapting to the country under the banner trademark name Xibanya. The first shows were held in Shanghái, one of the most important capital cities in the world, continuing through other Asian cities such as Shen Yang and Qingdao.