Florian Knorn


Sweden, Europe
Zobrazení: 253,006
About Florian

Born in 1981 in Berlin, Germany, and now a resident of Uppsala, Sweden, Florian's ambition for photography began as a child when his mother entrusted him more and more often with the family camera to take pictures of vacations or other events. Having been made aware already at an early age of important photographic qualities such as light, composition or the expression in peoples' faces has always encouraged him to go beyond simple “snapshots” and to continuously see the world with a photographic eye.

Today, Florian is an ambitious and avid amateur photographer, doing freelance work for various people and organisations where he lives. He loves to focus on landscape and architectural photography but also enjoys event photography, small portrait and studio sessions as well as product shoots and panoramic photography.

His panoramic photography and related services can be found over at www.pano.ie. This also includes photography workshops, both for groups and one-on-one training (be it locally or remote via Skype).