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Settlement Mezmay - mountain village, perched on the bottom of a deep cavity formed by the river valleys and Kurdzhips Mezmay. On all four sides of the village lie the dense mountain forests and high ridges. Here, nature has created a star three grand canyon with spectacular canyons and waterfalls, grottoes, caves and bizarre rock formations. This Upper Kurdzhipskoe Gorge, a canyon of the river gorge Mezmay and Guam. Today our path lies on Guam gorge himself easily accessible, popular and fabulously beautiful. Standing in the center of the village Mezmay and staring at the outline of outcrops of the gorge, we see a clear profile ... Lenin. So nature has been pleased to create such a familiar portrait that intact existed for many millennia. This rock in the gorge Guam residents of the village and is called - the rock of Lenin. Many tourists and sightseers who come to visit this wonderful corner, use the services of the narrow-gauge railway. Little old coach pulls a small diesel railcar. The car costs for heating stove, stove, have a stock of firewood, wooden benches and narrow windows. In the clubs of diesel smoke. shaking and twitching on the joints of rails and leaning against the glass, tourists stare in the creation of Nature Valley. I remember how in 1967, the icebergs, icicle weighing several tons of broken with rocks and blocked the road. We had to decouple wagons and long ram this huge ice pillar rail car to reset it into the abyss canyon. And yet the thrill of driving on Guam gorge is not as sharp as it passes from the foot. The path starts along the tracks from the village to the town Mezmay Guamka. Distance along the river valley Kurdzhips - 9 miles. Needless Valley about five miles. The first right-bank rock walls begin and go far and high off the road resulting in bizarre towers, wooded. The rocks here reach a height of more than one hundred meters. After precipitating the huge pyramid-shaped rocks begin karst formations. On top is an array consisting of horizontal layers of rock, then it goes into a pendant, scrubby nadskalnye terraces, and already at the top of the giant walls are solid, polished to a shine rocks. They are steel-gray color with black spots delayed resin. This band is the upper cliffs contrast with the general background of an array of orange and red. That's the first waterfall gorge. They fall from the upper terraces of the middle and from there, pulsating and broken, flying to many meters in height at the bottom of the gorge. River Kurdzhips compressed rocks in the gorge and the raging roar fills the valley. There are the first shrubs relict tree - boxwood. With the deepening of the canyon it becomes more and more. It tightly fits the rocks, hiding them from the sight of tourists. Even unapproachable, totally sheer rock monoliths, and the shelter is a miracle tree. Some trees have a very advanced age. They are more than a thousand years. The gorge narrowed to fifteen meters. Before narrowing - a wide cone of clay, covered with small trees, alder. Several years ago, there came a giant mudflow, sweeping away everything in its path, and blocked the gorge dam from the estate, huge rocks, rails and sleepers of the railway destroyed. On the left side stands a gigantic triangular-pointed rock formations, bordered on two sides dark and gloomy gorges, steep going up high. The gorge is rarely the sun's rays. Gorge crushes their masses. Gloominess of the gorge gives continuous high, standing upright carpet of moss, fern and boxwood. Rocky terrace, on which there is a railway line passes high above the water. Deep down in a narrow ravine, choked with huge stones, buzzing and foams Kurdzhips. Each meter gorge - a unique sight. Standing on the edge of a precipice, with bated breath for a long time peering into the roaring stream. But that's bracer. Straight from the walls, pulsating and ringing, falls from height is clean, struychaty spring. Where a trickle of water in contact with the rock, wildly growing lacy and fluffy moss. Approaching the bridge. Here the creek runs dry in Kurdzhips, roaring waterfalls. Its gorge is so narrow and deep that it seems complete inaccessibility. The only way of exploring this unique canyon runs along the bottom of the creek. In some places there are deep depressions, and then needed a rope to walk on the rocks. By the boxwood bush bushes added azaleas, laurel, holly and mountain ash. In this formidable gorge is the most unique place - a grand hundred-meter waterfall, which is rarely visited by tourists. Waterfalls cascading falls at first, and then are formed into a single 60-meter jet. At the waterfall is always a strong wind, as in the draft. Continue the path along the gorge to continue with a special sense of excitement. Left - the cold green rock underfoot - a terrace of three steps in width, right - the gulf and the narrow canyon, smooth water, "cheeks", which roars stream. Humidity, shady, moss-covered high and bizarre rocks give the gorge the grandeur and mystery and a journey - and the fairy-tale romance. Awaken in man acute perception of beauty. Multistage waterfall slips into the side of the road on the left side, shatters the "fair" spit and a little lingering on the terrace, splash travelers dense refreshing water hash, terminates in a narrow and deep canyon. Here at every step, the new picture. That's where the world of romance, artists and poets. Here you can slowly feel every inch, enough to enjoy the unique landscapes, feel the acute sense of caution and even fear on the brink, to look into mysterious crevices and caves, to see the uniqueness and grandeur of the great creator of beauty - Mother Nature. From the minute change of the picturesque natural art develops the feeling with which examined the world's masterpieces in the galleries of the Hermitage and the Tretyakov Gallery. Some examples of works of nature once again drawn to touch, inspect them from a different angle and lighting. That catch sight of a huge mass of green vertical rock giant bright-red slender candle - it is a pine, a miracle did cleave to the rock. That black giant cave attracts its mystery and gloom. And there is a waterfall, a flash of white foam on the open rock, disappears under a carpet of undergrowth. And here the rock, but such a height that is breathtaking. All this - pleasing to the eye and soul unforgettable landscapes. At the heart of the gorge nestled cozy restaurant. Away from the village Guamka Valley is as beautiful, austere and grand, with waterfalls, caves and raging river, the only canyon, opening a huge, polished river boulders became flatter and wider. The village itself Guamka not big, lush green gardens, with beautiful streets and unkempt grazing black-and-white semi-wild pigs. He has not spoiled unruly flow of tourists. Yes gorge itself is also kept clean, here esch1 not reached disastrous for the nature of "culture" of the informal tourism.
Copyright: Dmitry Sverdlov
Art: Spherical
Resolution: 6000x3000
Taken: 25/11/2010
Hochgeladen: 25/11/2010
Aktualisiert: 07/03/2015


Tags: Кussia; adygea; guamgorge
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