Graeme Paterson

Scotland, UK, Europe
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About Graeme

Qualified and experienced electronic engineer now practicing as an ICT manager in the education sector, based in East Central Scotland. In my spare time I have various hobbies. One of my main interests is getting to the great outdoors. Hill walking with a particular emphasis on bagging Ordnance Survey triangulation pillars. I have visited over 2500 of these pillar locations. Triangulation pillars are usually located at good viewpoints. The original purpose of these concrete pillars was to serve as stable control markers for map surveying. With advancing technology now allowing us to display 360° panoramas on the internet, I am able to share many of the panoramic views I have enjoyed on my walks. The reference number I use in each image title is the unique physical flush bracket number as emplaced on almost every triangulation pillar. The quality of my images will vary, I am at the mercy of the Scottish weather.