Pietro Annoni

Bergamo, Lombardia, Italy, Europe
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About Pietro

A Kodak Instamatic my first camera with which I got in touch with the wonderful world of photography, at about 10 years of age I used only B&W film, not a choice but a need, B&W was cheaper to develop.

Travelling is my goal in life, wish I had more time to accomplish it. Live and work in Italy, in the marvelous city of Bergamo, which I invite you all to visit at least once in life. From industrial photography to Ethnic reportage from all over the world. Reliable, productive, creative, these some of my main characteristics.

If you need a quick, fair, good service just contact me for assignments in Italy.

Available for extreme photography conditions in industrial environments, building sites, productions sites as well as special events reportage, sports events, ready in 24hrs. English, German and Italian speaking.